Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners


There is so much love in this community!  Thank you for being involved in this weeks photo challenge.  It was beautiful to read about those closest to you and what makes them so special.  As always, it's never easy to pick just a few. Thank you for sharing with us.  We're so grateful you did!

Below are our 2 winners and 8 honorable mentions that we fell in love with.  If you were one of the images featured, please be sure to grab a button, showcasing that you were featured on our website or group page. Thank you for sharing your talent with us today.  Enjoy browsing through these images.  For our two winners, please email us at  Thank you for making this photo challenge so much fun.

The WINNERS From Our Photo Challenge 

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

I LOVE these little humans with everything I have in me. Growing up, I was raised an orphan until I was 6 years old, I then was adopted by a couple who turned out to be the worst human beings ever. I became their target for abusing and pretty much being tossed to die. I had enough strength to run away and ended up in foster care when I was just 13 years old. Within a year, I went through 13 homes, 1 mental hospital, and 1 at risk center for teens. There, I met my future mother. I remember growing up and saying I'd never find a husband, nor someone I could truly love because of the pain and suffering I had endured in my 13 years of life. Little did I know at 21 I would meet the love of my life and soon get married. Dating and marriage was a roller coaster for me. I had always told my husband that I'm like a tornado, you never know when I'm going to strike. He endlessly said these 7 words that have stuck to me for the rest of my life..I will never give up on you.

After being married 3 months, I fell pregnant with my baby. Oh man, did I struggle to show that I loved this baby. Terrified is the word I would describe my pregnancy. I didn't know If I could love this tiny human I called my son. I didn't know if I would be a repeat of my past nor would I think I could beat the odds against me. I struggled, I cried, I screamed, I prayed. Soon, this little bundle of joy came and I remember looking at him and just breathing a sigh of relief because right there, that very moment I knew what love is.

My daughter came 2 years later. I struggled so badly to get pregnant with another baby. I cried a lot. After many miscarriages, I became pregnant with my little girl. Oh my, did she ever change me. She made my husband and I bond like no other and she made me bond with her and to live in this moment forever.

My kids are the love I feel and live with throughout my days here on Earth. I breathe through them and I absolutely love motherhood whole heartedly. Words cant even begin to describe the word love and my children in one sentence...

Photographer: Megan Schiesher 

Edit: Film Noir and brightness along with hand edits on contrast and skin smoothing

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

A photographer's child through and through! She is such a willing participant when I want/need to practice. I know it isn't always easy to have a mommy constantly say, "Let's go take pictures (AGAIN!)". If I owe any individual credit for my progress over the past year, it is her! Her patience and support is amazing for a 6 year old and I love her for it!

Photographer: Shawn Piantoni

Edit: Processed with Mountain Stream and Brush Eyes Sharpen & Whiten


Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

This is my oldest daughter with the biggest heart and so much life in her! We went on a leaf hunt yesterday but of course had to stop and pick all the dandelions!

Photographer: Kate Ankumah-Saikoom

Edit: Bubble tea, tone highlights soft, and the Pretty Actions sky magic sky replace.  

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

I know there is nothing perfect about this photo to any normal person's eyes, but it is absolutely perfect to me. This is a photo of my grandparents driving away in their car. No matter what, they always wave out the windows when they drive off. It's a sight that I've grown up with and always expect to see once again when they leave after a weekend of visiting. But there was something different about this last visit. I realized that age it finally catching up with them. It's something that doesn't really hit you until it's too late. Which brings me to one of my favorite quotes "Love your parents and grandparents. We're so busy growing up we often forget they're growing older." I realize I won't get to see this sight for much longer. I owe these two people so much and I love them so dearly.

Photographer: Jaime Burrow

Edit: Processed with Silver Milk and Add Grain I. (This photo was also taken is super harsh sunlight.)

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

My gorgeous cousin!!

Photographer: Nancy Urias Del Real

Edit: Bubble Tea from the Pretty Film: Pastels.

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

My baby is 10 months old today! As any other mother, I have enjoyed watching my littlest one grow but recently, I have discovered that I often worry about him hitting each milestone and wanting reassurance that he is going to continue growing normally and that I am doing everything right as his parent to make that happen. Over the years, I have learned that with motherhood comes worry and concern over your children, no matter what age they are. However, yesterday when I took these photos and last night when I was looking over this beautiful little boy, I was reminded that I need to focus more on the present and less on the future and what is consider the ideal. He is perfect just the way he is!

Photographer: Jamie Lee Wegner

Edit: Processed with quick clean, increased exposure, and a few personal edits.

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

Can't wait to share the magic of Christmas with my little nephew Jack :)

Photographer: Wanda Parsons-Drake

EditAll in One Winter Light and Post Dull the Greens of the Winter Wonderland Collection.  And, of course a bit of snow!

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

I decided to choose myself this time, because I believe you have to love who you are first in order to love anyone else. I am only a stronger person and photographer because of my husband and family. My husband helped me take this self-portrait tonight, which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time. :)

Photographer: Erin Worthington

EditEdited with Peacock + Creamy Center Light + slider adjustments.

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

This is my precious little girl! She has been chosen because she is the glue that hold me together and keeps me motivated through some difficult family circumstances and she is my favorite girl in the world!

Photographer: Sheena Pinkerman

Edit: I am in love with bubble tea from the new film pastels presets! Its my favorite out of all them!!

Someone You Love - Photo Challenge Winners

This photo represents someone special that I love. This is a reminder of a baby that went straight to Heaven that I didn't get to hold. It's a reminder that life doesn't always go as planned, but everything is part of our journey to make it home. It's a Cross to represent my belief that one day I will hold this sweet blessing and its an ornament to remind me that it would have been born Christmas day...20 years ago this year. I was blessed with three beautiful blessings that I do life with, but this special baby reminds me daily of great things to come.

Photographer: Debbie McNinch

Edit: Milk and Honey, add creamy center light, add vignette, and a few brushes.

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