Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners


We thought it'd be great to start out 2017 with a SELF PORTRAIT Photo Challenge! We hope you'll take a moment to enjoy these images and the stories behind the self portraits. If you're interested in learning more about taking your own self portrait, take a moment and read all about how to take a self portrait here.

Congratulations to those featured and a big thank you to everyone who submitted their self portrait. Below is the winner, Karissa Collins, and 6 honorable mentions that we fell in love with.  If you were one of the images featured, please be sure to grab a button, showcasing that you were featured on our website or group page. Thank you for sharing your talent with us today.  Enjoy browsing through these images.  Karissa, please email me at to claim your gift card. Thank you for making this photo challenge so much fun.  

Thank you to the talented woman behind The Porter's Wife, Tammy Porter, for sharing the featured image above.

The WINNER From Our Photo Challenge: Karissa Collins 

Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

So for the last about 150 days I've tried to do lifestyle photos of me and my kids. It's so amazing to go back thru all the photos and see my life through photography. Here's one of my recent faves of my kids welcoming their new baby sister.

Photographer: Karissa Collins

EditI used the quick clean preset (which i use on almost every photo these days) and lots of hand edits because the photo was very dark due to the light behind us.




Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

My self-portrait....I try to get in photos as often as possible, but I am always uncomfortable and awkward. Here, I felt different....pretty!

Photographer: Lori Norton

Edit: Edited with Silver Mink, exposure & highlight adjustments, Sharpen Female or Babies, and Add Grain IV.

Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

I don't have kids, but I do have two devastatingly handsome men in my life- my loving husband and my sweet fur baby, Beaux. The reason I chose this photo is because I may see myself as hundreds of different things, but it really only matters how these two see me. As long as I am an awesome wife and an even better dog owner (lol) I am perfectly happy with myself.

Photographer: Jamie Burrow

Edit: Flamingo, adjusted the red and orange sliders, contrast +25, add grain II and add clarity brush to their eyes.

Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

I've always wanted to do a rain session with fun umbrellas and fun rain boots and fun colors and haven't gotten to yet, so on a whim I decided to do a self portrait rain session this morning

When editing I realized there were so many things about this portrait that I love and am learning to embrace - my new eye wrinkles, the strand of silver I see in my hair, my clenched knuckles & older looking arms, the friendship bracelets my daughter and I made together, my favorite color (red). I love my job and I don't envy the people on the other side of the camera, but I hope ultimately they can see the beauty in themselves even when the world may label them flaws ❤️

Photographer: Summer Bryant

Edit: Julep, Soft Center Light, Soft Vignette, some hand adjustments and portrait brushes.

Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

I'm expecting my second child after six years and a miscarriage, so I've been documenting and cherishing my last couple weeks with my daughter before her little brother arrives... even the simple moments like brushing our teeth before bed.

Photographer: Jenny Kane

Edit: Edited with Ethereal B&W from Fine Art Film Collection.

Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

This is my contribution to the #PRETTYPHOTOCHALLENGE. Placed my camera on a tripod, used a big teddy to set focus and ran back and forth to get in place before the shutter went off😂 I was hoping to capture how vulnerable I felt that day, and I feel like I succeeded.

Photographer: Tina Brikland

Edit: Edited with Matte B&W from Fan Faves Collection

Self Portrait Photo Challenge Winners

I did a simple double exposure with my Mark III while playing around in my alley.

Photographer: Katherine Harris

Edit: Wild harvest, post cool down, post soft center, and post add drama.

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