Quiet Time Photo Challenge Winners

Quiet Time Photo Challenge Winners - Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Contest

We thought we'd try something new and do a Quiet Time Photo Challenge! These photos express a peaceful, calm, or tranquil moment in time. We loved seeing your interpretation of "Quiet Time" and seeing your beautiful work in the feed.

This photo challenge took place in our Facebook group.  If you're not already a part of our group then please come join us today! Below we've listed our winner and 9 honorable mentions.  Thank you so much for joining us and please come back in a couple short weeks for another fun challenge.  We can't wait to share it with you!

If one of your images was featured, please be sure to grab a button, showcasing that you were featured on our website or group page. For our winners, please email us at support@prettypresets.com. 

Thank you for sharing your talent with us and making this photo challenge so much fun! 

The WINNERS Of Our Quiet Time Challenge

Elderly man reading while in a recliner | Quiet Time Photo Challenge
This is my grandfather, who is like a father to me. He is 90 and not very mobile; most of his day looks like this. The last time I went to visit, I asked if I could take documentary-style photos of him and the house. He couldn't understand why I want photos of this. It's because this is LIFE! This is who he is. To me, this one photo tells an amazing story. I will always cherish it. 

Photographer: Kimberly Fournier

Edit: Edited with All In One Clean Edit from the Pretty Presets Workflow (retired).  


Dog sitting on mountain looking into the valley | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

Because when you stop and look around..this life is pretty amazing.” 
My quiet time is being outside and photographing the beauty around me. Helps clear my mind and come back refreshed. Doesn’t hurt to take my four-legged companion along. Looking at Jail House Rock from Court House Rock in Bridgeport, NE. 

Photographer: Lindsey Keller

Edit: Edited with Clean & Creative: warm center, sharpening Men or Still Life, center light and quick clean (retired).

Dad embracing young daughter | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

Most photos freeze a fraction of a second in time. This "Quiet Time" moment, however, lasted over an hour, after our extremely rambunctious toddler fell asleep on daddy's shoulder while we were on a very long hike in very strong winds along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico last week. I talked him into going on the hike, and then the poor man had to make the hour-long trek carrying an extra 20 lbs - and her sand bucket! I cherish this photo though (and thankfully so does he)! 

Photographer: Meg McKenzie

Edit: Edited with the Clean Edit Workflow + an extra Color Pop from the Color Luxe Collection + Sunrays from the Luminous Collection

Girl laying next to horse | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

My life, my soulmate, my savior. This is where I find peace of mind, heart, and soul. 

Photographer: Tina Brikland

Edit: Edited with Harvest Moon from the Sugar and Spice Collection.

Husband and wife having coffee together | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

Mom reached out to me wanting to capture some every-day family moments with her husband and 2 young children following an aggressive brain cancer diagnosis. During this shot, the kids were playing in the other room. Mom and Dad were reflecting on their normal morning routines and Dad looked at Mom and said, "You really are beautiful, you know." I'm not crying, you are. Kidding, I'm totally crying.

Photographer: Jordan Swenson

Edit: A Quick Clean/Profile Correction. Literally my go-to for a quick, light, and airy edit. From the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow (retired).

Boy making food while camping | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

I'm a single mom with two boys and work two jobs...there doesn't seem to be a lot of "quiet time". The last three Spring Breaks, though, we've started the tradition of camping for most of the week to get away. My birthday always falls that week, and the morning of this picture, my just turned 9 year old wanted to do something special for me....birthday breakfast "in tent". He boiled water and put mixed it with an oatmeal packet, then we ate it to the sound of the morning birds chirping. Best birthday breakfast ever. Glad I sleep with my camera gear in the tent so I could capture this without him even realizing it. 

Photographer: Kristin Sowers

EditEdited with All-in-One-Clean from the Pretty Presets Workflow Collection (retired). 

Mom and child in a hammock | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

I had just finished a shoot with this family but asked the mum to just lay in the hammock with her baby for a moment and relax. Ended up being my favorite image from the day.

Photographer: Amanda Naylor

EditEdited with Clean B+W, sharpened with portraits medium focus and added a vignette from the Clean + Creative Workflow (retired). 

Mother rocking baby with two dogs sitting near her | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

Quiet time... 

Photographer: Wendy Boyce

Edit: Both photos edited with Mountain Stream from Pretty Film Pastels

Candle and Bible on a table | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

My early morning quiet time...

Photographer: Wendy Berry

Edit:  Edited with Black Thorn from the Enchanted Garden 

Siblings taking a nap together | Quiet Time Photo Challenge

My favorite time of day...quiet time! 

Photographer: Karissa Collins

Edit: Edited with the Clean Edit Portrait Workflow Pastel Color, Exp. +25, Soft center warm and Soft Matte. 

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