Photography Packages & Pricing (How to Manage Client Expectations)

Image Packaging and Pricing for Photoraphers

Photography Packages & Pricing

(Managing Photography Client Expectations)

One of the most important things on your client's mind, aside from getting beautiful photos, is how many photos are included in their package.

Clearly stating the number of images that are included in your pricing is absolutely crucial to making sure that you and your client are on the same page. If you are even remotely vague, there is a chance that they will be hoping to get more images than they will actually end up getting.

For example, some clients may assume that if you take 500 images at the shoot, that they should be getting at least 400 edited images!

Here are some tips to help you figure out how many images and prints to include in your packaging, and how to effectively communicate this number to your client:

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Deciding How Many Prints To Include:

  • The number of prints you include in your packaging will vary, depending on what type of shoot you are doing. If you are shooting a mini session¬†or senior portraits, the number of images will be much smaller than the number of images in wedding packaging, so take this into account.
  • Look at the pricing and packaging of other photographers in your area to see how many images they are including in their packaging, and what type of digital file + print combinations¬†they offer. In many cases, photographers will offer a combination of digital files, prints, and add-ons, like greeting card print templates or Facebook cover photos.
  • Create a few different package levels so that your clients will have options. Some clients will want a lot of images, while others will only want a small amount, so offering varying amounts of images based on price will help your client choose how many images they would like to receive.


    • As mentioned above, offering different levels of pricing and packing not only gives your client options to fit their needs, it also helps you clearly communicate the number of images your client will receive. Displaying packing information on your website and postcards will put the numbers in writing, so there will be a document that states the price of the package the client agreed upon.
    • Speaking of documents, be sure to state in your contracts which package your client is¬†purchasing. You could also¬†note what is included in the package, for example, "Package 1: 10 digital files, print release, two 5 X 7" prints" etc., to make sure everyone is on the same page.

      Just a few small steps in communicating with your client the number of images they will receive will not only prevent any misunderstandings along the way, but you and your client will both feel more at ease, because everyone likes being in-the-know and clear on what is going on, right?

      Do you have any experience and insight in this area? We love hearing from you!

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