20+ Night Photos

20+ Breathtaking Night Photos

We are so excited to share these beautiful night photos with you! We had an awesome photo challenge and loved how unique each night photo was from the next. Thanks for joining us and congratulations to all those photographers featured below.

Enjoy these beautiful night time images and stay tuned for our next photo challenge. We'll announce it here in our Pretty Presets Community

We have listed our two winners and twenty honorable mentions below. Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another fun photo challenge. We can't wait to share it with you!

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Thank you for sharing your talent with us and making this night photo challenge so much fun! 

Winning Images from the Night Photo Challenge

Night photo of farm combine

"Something about harvest at LATE sunset stirs my Kansas girl heart." -Beckie Fairchild

Photographer: Beckie Fairchild

Edit: Edited with classic clean and color pop; increase saturation; decrease shadows and blacks; increase sharpening from Bella Baby Complete Workflow.

Stormy night photo taken on a beach

"We were in Mexico last month for my daughter's wedding and the night after the wedding a storm rolled in (I believe it was the back side of tropical storm Alberto). This was taken on the beach at almost midnight with a nearly full moon. I had my DSLR but unfortunately no tripod, so I had to rely on the iPhone." -Sheila Meyer

Photographer: Sheila Meyer

Edit: Edited with Freesia from the Color Luxe Collection and noise reduction with a clarity adjustment brush. 

Night Photos We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are some of the night photo examples we think are absolutely incredible and you can use as inspiration for your next night time photo session. All of these beautiful night photos were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop.

Night photo of a pier with lightning in the background

Captured by the talented Tiffany Loggins 

Night photo of boy next to a tree strung with pretty lights

Captured by the talented Jennifer Poth

Night photo silhouette of boys skipping rocks on lake

Captured by the talented Brandi Graham

Night time wedding photo

Captured by the talented Lynzey Decker

Night Photo of stars taken with long exposure

Captured by the talented Fran Smith

Night photo of Man throwing a fishing net

Captured by the talented Valorie Anderson


Highly detailed night photo of the moon

Captured by the talented Charmaine Hardy

Night photo of the Dallas Texas Skyline

Captured by the talented Tina Auten

Night photo of a Boy playing at the beach

Captured by the talented Jennifer Young

Night photo of friends standing around a campfire

Captured by the talented Jenny Schmitz

Beautiful starry sky night photo

Captured by the talented Amanda Javens

Night time mountain landscape photo

Captured by the talented Joni Eskridge

Night photo of city skyline

Captured by the talented Margaret Norcross

Night photo of Golden Gate Bridge

Captured by the talented Chris Wolfgang

Night photo of building and palm trees reflected in water

Captured by the talented Sheila Meyer

Night photo of starry sky over a farm house

Captured by the talented Lindsey Keller

Night photo of man and his dog silhouette on a dock

 Captured by the talented Jamie Clark

Night photo of woman holding onto a lamp post

Captured by the talented Anita Dries

Night photo of thick clouds hanging over a field

Captured by the talented Sharon Worlund  

Night photo of ballerina posing on the sidewalk

Captured by the talented Heather Dearborn

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