Halloween Photo Challenge WinnersWe know it's been a fun week where sweet pictures were captured. Here are some creative images we fell in love with in our Pretty Presets group and Pretty Actions group

Congratulations to Leila and Myranda for winning our Halloween Photo Challenge!  Please write me at support@prettypresets.com to claim your $50 gift card to either store.  Please specify which store you'd like it at (the Pretty Presets store or the Pretty Actions store). 

Thank you all for joining our giveaway this week.  We loved all the images that were shared. 

The WINNERS From Our Photo Challenge

Halloween Photo Challenge Winners

Happy Halloween! Garry (husband) and I love Aurora Hunting! This is what happens when our Aurora hunting and Halloween shenanigans collide! Yes, we literally took the piano out to the pasture to take the photos! The things we do for "that shot"!

Photographer: Leila Flavell
Edit: PP Clean and Creative: A Quick Clean, Center Light, Exp Really Brighten, Tones Warm and Hand Edit.

Halloween Photo Challenge Winners

Definitely, the scariest photo shoot I've ever done -- but also one of the most fun! Happy Halloween! 

Photographer: Myranda Mondry
Edit: Wanderlust from Bohemian Film -- added spooky fog with Pretty Actions 


Halloween Photo Challenge Winners

My kids, Halloween and our favorite movie ever.

Photographer: Ivonne Lopez
Edit: Classic Clean, increased contrast and finished with Soft Vignette

So I bought the fog and rain overlays and got these lightening overlays as a bonus... they were perfect for this image! 3 separate lightening overlays were used and two different fog overlays. It's not my best work but I love it. 

Photographer: Rachael Jicinsky
Edit: Fog and Rain Overlays from Pretty Actions 

Halloween Photo Challenge Winners

I love all things HALLOWEEN!!!!

Photographer: Rebecca Cook
Edit: Calypso from Bohemian Film Collection

Halloween Photo Challenge Winners

Happy Halloween! Of course we had to do a little pre-trick or treat photo shoot. 

Photographer: Jordan Reddick
Edit: All edited with Teddy Bear from Bella Baby!

Halloween Photo Challenge Winners

My son and daughter wanted to start a superhero project so we went and picked up a few clearance costumes and this was a MUST! I have always wanted to do this with them! My son loves to get into character and my daughter... well... she just wants to model! LOL

Edit: DUNE with warm center light and BW are Black Thorn with soft center light.

Halloween Photo Challenge Winners

Photographer: Amie Lauren
Edit: Butterscotch, sun rays right, hand edits