Golden Hour Photos

30+ Dreamy Golden Hour Photos

We are so excited to share these amazing golden hour photos with you! We had an awesome photo challenge and loved how unique each image was from the next. Thanks for joining us and congratulations to all those photographers featured below. If you are not familiar with what golden hour is, check out our great Golden Hour tutorial here.

Enjoy the wide variety of beautiful golden hour images and stay tuned for our next photo challenge. We'll announce it here in our Pretty Presets Community.

We have listed our winner and thirty one honorable mentions below. Thank you so much for joining us and please come back soon for another fun photo challenge. We can't wait to share it with you!

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Thank you for sharing your talent with us and making this Golden Hour photo challenge so much fun! 

Winning Image from the Golden Hour Photo Challenge

Photo of couple holding hands during golden hour

"My baby brother and my future sister-in-law"

Photographer: April Wheeless

Edit: Bejeweled V2 preset warmed up dramatically - I love the mood it creates!

Golden Hour Photos We Fell in Love with AND You Can be Inspired By!

Here are some stunning golden hour photos from the PRETTY community that we think are absolutely incredible!  Enjoy these thirty+ photos as inspiration for your next golden hour photo session. All of these beautiful golden hour photos were edited in Lightroom using Pretty Presets for Lightroom and/or Pretty Actions for Photoshop

Golden Hour Photo of Mother & Child Laying on a Blanket

Captured by the talented Andrea Wolf

Golden Hour Photo of Woman on a Beach

Captured by the talented Arlene Garcia

Photo of Mother and Daughter in a field taken during golden hour

Captured by the talented Carol Omenson

Golden Hour Photo of Couple sitting in the back of truck smiling

Captured by the talented Dynelle Deeds

Golden Hour Photo of Girl dancing in front of sunflower field

Captured by the talented Nikki Williams

Portrait of Woman Photographed at Golden Hour

Captured by the talented Kelly Cox

Golden Hour Photo of Sisters holding hands in field

Captured by the talented Serena Peissig

Golden Hour Photo of Sisters holding hands while rollerskating

Captured by the talented Christin Kent

Golden Hour Photo of Mom holding up child and twirling

Captured by the talented Kate Kristin

Golden Hour Photo of Boy outside with bubble machine

Captured by the talented Nakona Fredrick

Golden Hour Photo of Pregnant mother in lush green field

Captured by the talented Terri Graves

Golden Hour Photo of Sisters hugging on beach

Captured by the talented Nicole Gilligan

Golden Hour Photo of Father helping young son walk

Captured by the talented Lisa Phillippi

Golden Hour Photo of Girl dancing in field of flowers

Captured by the talented Samantha Van Wyck

Sun setting on Grand Canyon photographed during golden hour

Captured by the talented Kirsten Hall

Golden Hour Photo of Senior Girl

Captured by the talented Nikki Spence

Golden Hour Photo of girl and stuffed animal running through open field

Captured by the talented Debbie Mckillip

Family Portrait photo taken during the golden hour

Captured by the talented Amanda Naylo

Golden Hour Photo of Baby girl smiling on quilted blanket

Captured by the talented Kim McCullough

Golden Hour Photo of woman with blue dress on a bridge

Captured by the talented Tiffany Bailey

Golden Hour Photo of bride with her horse

Captured by the talented ShaunaLee Johnson

Sunset photo taken on a beach at golden hour

Captured by the talented Karen Drylie

Golden Hour Photo of couple celebrating with champagne

Captured by the talented Lydia Stern

Golden Hour Photo of young girl tossing Fall leaves on an Autumn day

 Captured by the talented Stephanie Hatmaker

Golden Hour Photo of couple kissing

Captured by the talented Samantha Webb

Golden Hour Photo of man kissing womans forehead

Captured by the talented Emma Barfuss

Golden Hour Photo of Mother holding child in lush green area

Captured by the talented Debbie McNinch 

Photo of lighthouse taken at golden hour

Captured by the talented Brenda Artrip

Golden Hour Photo of mother and son sitting in a field

Captured by the talented Agata Pietrzak

Golden Hour Photo of cowgirl sitting in field

Captured by the talented Jennifer Blazis

Beautiful golden hour sunset photo taken in Australia

Captured by the talented Cilla Pitcher

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