Faceless Photo Challenge

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The WINNER of the Faceless Photo Challenge

Pretty Presets for Lightroom Photo Challenge Winner

National Harbor near Washington DC where families enjoy playing together at the end of summer.

Photographer: Koryn Hutchison

Edit: Wild Harvest from the Sugar and Spice Collection.



Lightroom Photo Challenge Winner

Our local natural history museum had a Viking exhibit, and my 7-year old was obsessed, to say the least. This is just outside the museum during their Viking Fest.

Photographer: Kimberly Fournier

Edit: Black Thorn from Enchanted Garden. Some dehazing on the sky to bring out the storm clouds that just started to roll in, and some other brush work to highlight his body.

Photography Photo Challenge

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Chris!

Photographer: Chris Baker
Edit: All in One Clean Edit

Photography Photo Challenge

Here's me trying to be more "hands-free" with my youngest and still be creative! Making a puzzle. 

Photographer: Jenny Schmitz

Edit: Fine Art Film (retired collection) 

Pretty Photo Challenge Winners

Some girls dream of a wedding like Cinderella, and some...Narnia 

Edited with Frosted Dreams from the Winter Wonderland Collection with added drama from Sugar & Spice, added warmth #1 from Color Luxe along with other adjustments and finished up in photoshop.

This was my first wedding at the Pittsburgh Zoo and an experience I will never forget! I am actually from a small town an hour and a half from there, so it was a very big deal for me. My bride & groom are avid animal lovers and were simply awesome! Cold weather did not stop us or the animals at Water's Edge! We were also blessed with the appearance of a sea otter during their first dance next to the aquarium! 

Photographer: Tina Haydu

EditEdited with Frosted Dreams from the Winter Wonderland Collection with added drama from Sugar & Spice, added warmth #1 from Color Luxe along with other adjustments and finished up in Photoshop.

Faceless Photo Challenge at Pretty Presets

We loved this so much!  Thank you for sharing with our group, Melinda.

Photographer: Melinda Benbrahim

Edit: Edited with Serendipity from Pretty FILM Bohemian

Lightroom Photo Challenge

Well, I didn't think I had an image to enter for the photo challenge, and with all my boys home this week I did not have the mental capacity to create. But as I was sitting down to finally edit some personal pictures since I'm not editing clients (I'm so behind on our own!!); I came across this image of my little fighter. My 6-week old baby who was post his first open heart surgery. He was finally off sternal precautions so he could be on his tummy, and here he was staring out this big beautiful window outside, where he had never been, soaking up the sun that we had not noticed shining much until we were able to move to this step down from ICU.

Still lots of machines and wires and beeping; but less trauma happening around us. I know these images are supposed to be of the "every day". And this was our every day for so very long, as it is for so many other families whose children are born with CHD, and other life-altering diseases. These were the hardest days, weeks, months, of our life; but they have been some of the biggest blessings. That little baby has beaten the odds so many times and we are so grateful. The Lord has been so good.  Thank you for letting me share! (Thank YOU for sharing, Stefanie.)

Photographer: Stefanie Rose

Edit: Pastel Film I from Pretty FILM Pastels 

Thanks again to everyone for sharing their beautiful images!