By: Corinne Brown

Pricing your photography can be a difficult process, especially when you are starting out. Setting your rates can put potential clients off while being too cheap can be a hindrance as well, as you spend hours and hours of your time working on projects without a great return on your time.

It is important to be clear about your inclusions as without clarity you might wind up disappointing your clients if their expectations and your deliverables are different.

So when you’re ready to price your photography service or offering, what should you include or exclude especially when it comes to photographing packages.

Competitive Pricing for Photographers

Here are a few things you should consider including in your packages:

  • A USB or DVD of images – this can be particularly valuable for weddings as your clients will be keen to choose from a wide range of photos and have these on hand for many years to come.
  • You should be clear if the images are the property of the client or if there are any copyright conditions and if there are any things they should be aware of when the times comes to print the images.
  • Second shooter – often a second shooter for a big project can be a massive benefit, and if you are making a price list you should clearly state if a 2nd photographer will be provided or not.
  • Pre-sessions of shoots – if you are shooting a wedding or a special event where there are pre-events, are you intending to attend and shoot at other days in the lead up to the event, if so you should include this in the package

Competitive Pricing for Photographers

  • Albums or canvases – if you are planning on printing the images and providing them in a final album or canvas you should outline this in your package and include the value.
  • Hours you will be shooting – this is important as you, and your client may have different expectations. Will you be arriving 3 hours before the main event and staying for two hours or will you be available for 12 hours straight for the entire event start to finish, be clear about this in your package and everyone will be happy that there is a clear expectation of time for the job. You should also keep in mind if you are shooting over a long period you will require food and drink, and these should be included in the package as well.
  • The lighting and equipment – while this might not be as important to the client, you should outline what you will be using so they can see the value of your photography service. As well as this, they will be able to ensure there is adequate lighting for the space especially for the ceremony or main event.
  • Travel to the venue – depending on where the job is situated you might need to add in some travel expenses. Many photographers are engaged for jobs interstate, and even abroad so your costs will need to be covered to ensure you are adequately compensated, and there are no surprises. If you need to stay in accommodation, this and food will need to be included in the package as well.

Competitive Pricing for Photographers

At the end of the day, it’s important to know what your clients want, and you will need to price your photography packages so that they are attractive to sell.

Take the time to draft up a price list and set of inclusions and ask around to see if what you have created is attractive to your audience. For weddings and portrait photography where there is so much competition you could even do a quick Google to find other businesses and their offering to ensure you’re giving your customers what they need.

Competitive pricing is a game of trial and error, however, done well your price list is an important element in your photography business and will make the difference between earning a good income and a great one!