Photographer Spotlight: My First Years - Caryanne Deanna Photography

We are excited to welcome Caryanne Deanna to the Pretty Actions blog today. Take a moment to learn more about her and visit her pages to check out her work. Thank you Caryanne for taking the time to share your talent and experience with us.

Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography

When did your interest in photography begin?

October 2012 I met a wonderful woman as I was on a walk around my neighborhood with my children. I’m very shy and she was super friendly. She had her gorgeous twins with her. We met up a few times after that for walks around our area with our children. One day she was talking about photography and how she loves taking photo’s of her children, scenery etc. I’d always wanted to try a really nice camera and mentioned that. She said I could have hers for the weekend. I was blown away and ecstatic. We really didn’t know each other and this to me was just amazing and such a wonderful gesture.

I played with her camera for the weekend and literally cried at the images I captured of my little ones. I fell in love. The camera, the photo’s, the depth, the look of emotion that was captured. I just want to thank Maija Joyce, an angel really. I found my passion and my dream that weekend and if it wasn’t for your generosity I don’t know that I would have.

Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography

When did you decide to make photography your profession?

After falling head over heals with the images I captured with my friends camera I saved up for my own. I bought my Canon 60D before Christmas 2012, played with it for a month and decided to just jump all in. I knew this is what I wanted and knew it was my dream. January 2013 I started Caryanne Deanna Photography. I loved taking photo’s, I loved what I was doing. To think I could do this as a career was amazing. It definitely is a dream job to be able to do what you love to do.

Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography

What were your biggest hurdles when you started your business?

I think just finding the time. I’m a mom to 4 children and their dad works up north. All last year he was home for only 1.5 months. It was a bit of a struggle for me with my time management and not having daycare. I would only do shoots during nap time, which was very restricting. Family time is THE most important, I always have time at night for culling, editing, learning; me time!

Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography

What is the one piece of advice you wish someone would have given you when you were starting out?

I was scared that nobody would book me, scared to think I wouldn’t be "good enough." I thought that everyone would look down on me because I didn’t go to school to learn everything about photography and I didn’t have a degree. I did have people making comments and talking behind my back, but then I realized that I was worrying too much about what everyone else thought. There were people that were booking me and I was doing what I loved. I said to myself "just keep on doing it"…and I did! My kids went to bed and I went straight to the computer, I’d read, look at tutorials, watch YouTube. I am self taught and there is no shame in that; I am proud of that. I wish that someone had told me to focus on myself and not to worry about everyone else. I am my own competition and that’s all that matters. I love to see how I’ve grown over this last year and cannot wait to see how much better I will be next year.
Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography
Are you full time or part time right now?
I am part time right now, I’d love to be full time. Exposure to clients and advertising is holding me back. Since I started taking photo’s last year I’ve only had 17 clients. I learn with each photo I take and I get better with every shoot. I just need the clients so I can do that. Being a beginner in the photography business, no one knows about me. There are so many other photographer’s from where I live and they have thousands of ‘likes’ on Facebook. Most people say don’t worry about that, but I do, those are potential clients :)
Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography
Do you shoot natural light or studio light, and why?
I shoot natural light. I have amazing windows in my kitchen. Yes my kitchen! Go check out my Instagram and you will see a photo. I live in an open concept style townhouse, so my eating area is my dining room and that leaves my kitchen with open usable space. My studio is my kitchen/nook area. It works beautifully.
Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography
What changes would you like to see in your business over the next year?
I would love to move to a bigger home and we are going to be looking in the new year. I need studio space. My kitchen is great and all, but a separate studio would be ideal. Amazing. Fantastic. I dream of it.
Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography
What software do you use to edit your images? And what do you like most about it?
I use Photoshop CS6 and I love it. I’m partial to Photoshop because I love to play with graphics, make invitations, birth announcements, etc. I’ve always loved to do that, so using it to edit photo’s was just easy for me. I would love to try Lightroom though, everyone raves about it!!
Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography
What motivates you each day to pick up your camera and shoot?
My children. I have 4 of them. I only wish I had owned a camera before last year so I could’ve captured every moment. Time passes quickly, in a blink of an eye they are grown. My eldest son is 19, my girls are 14 & 5, then my youngest son just turned 3 last week. I never want to miss a moment, and I just want to stop time. Photographs do that.
Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna Photography
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
With a thriving photography business, specializing in maternity and newborns. Women are goddesses who grow tiny miracles, and newborns just capture my heart.
Pretty Actions Photographer Spotlight: Caryanne Deanna PhotographyAbout the Artist: 

My name is Caryanne Davidson and I am the photographer behind Caryanne Deanna Photography. You might be wondering about my business name, as most people use their last name, but rarely use their middle name. So, I chose to use my middle name and love it. Made my mom smile too! I am located in North Delta, British Columbia and have been a resident my entire life. It is a wonderful little place to raise children. I am a mother of 4, lucky to have 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 19, 14, 5 and 3. As a mother and photographer I truly appreciate the ability to stop time, just for a second. To be able to always go back to that moment by looking at a beautiful photograph is simply priceless.