Small Details that Make a Big Impact with Photography Clients: Part II

Photography’s a service industry, and as such, we need to make it our number one priority to please our clients. But good customer service can be easier than you think! Check out Part I in case you missed it, then read on, my friends.

Send Personalized Gifts

I remember watching an episode of Creative Live with Zach and Jody Gray where they talked about sending a marriage book to all their wedding clients. It was a book they’d found useful when they were engaged, and they wanted to give their clients the opportunity to build healthy marriages as well.

Dang, that’s genius, I thought. But when trying to think up something like this for my own clients, I felt helpless. I didn’t have any special story or anecdote, and I wasn’t about to make something up. But all it took was a little brainstorming. I sat down and listed out some ideas that would both connect my clients with something I love, along with give them the opportunity to enjoy each other.

Small Details that Make a Big Impact with Photography Clients: Part II

Now, each of my wedding couples receives a gift card to a local brewery. Why a brewery? Because I love craft beer. And even if they’re not a beer drinkers, they can still enjoy a night out on the town. And when I say local, I mean local to them. This is important... it shows I’m taking the time and doing the research to find the very best place to go (no matter where in the country they live).

I know it’s nothing fancy, but it works for me. Try to think outside the box to come up with an idea that is personal to both you and your client. Anything that shows you’re paying attention to their likes and preferences will get you bonus points!

Other People Matter Too

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the only people who matter are the ones paying.

If you’re a wedding photographer, this means… don’t ignore the parents! Even if they aren’t the ones footing the bill, you better believe they have a huge network of friends whose kids are also getting married who would love a recommendation for a good and professional wedding photographer.

Along with that, keep in mind that any guest at that wedding could be a future client. So always remain on your best behavior, go out of your way to take the pictures they request, and show them your most friendly and personable side.

If you’re a portrait photographer, this means… make the kids happy! We all know the parents are paying for the session, but it’s the kids who really count. It doesn’t matter how gorgeous the photos turn out if the children are miserable, thought you were boring, and never ever want to come back.

Small Details that Make a Big Impact with Photography Clients: Part II

If you focus on the children and making sure they’re having fun during the session, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits in the future. The kids might even request you by name for their next photo shoot!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

You can never thank someone enough… especially when they’re handing over a ridiculous amount of money in good faith that you’ll produce something they love.

I send thank you notes with every correspondence, every product delivered, and sometimes just randomly to show them how appreciative I am. After all, without my clients, I’d be broke and have to go back to my old 9-to-5 job. Yikes!

Remember that your notes don’t have to be anything fancy. Just say thanks, tell them how excited/grateful/happy you are, and finish it off with well wishes. Everyone loves a little snail mail!

Anything Else?

We’re all in a position to teach and learn from each other, so I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing to please your clients. From the big to the small, let’s hear it… leave a comment below!

*All Photos by Kelly Benton Photography.