You Might Be a New Photographer if…

1. You have 753 photos. And it was a half-hour session.

2. You later sort like a maniac, hoping against hope there are 25 usable ones.

3. You think a “grey card” is Russian for “fake ID.”

4. Your nerves siphon off oxygen to your brain stem before every session.

5. You take a dozen “good” pictures of a family, only to discover later there’s a Mutt Mitt stand for dog poop in every one. (I jest not. This really happened to me.)

6. You lament to your husband and/or significant other that you think your camera’s broken because so many of your pictures are blurry. (Ahem.)

7. You launch your “business” 6 weeks after buying your first DSLR you’ve ever had in your entire life because, apparently, an alien from outer space inhabited your body and you lost your mind.

8. You’ve never even heard of the concept, depth of field, much less know that it’s kind of important.

9. You’re a little dismayed to find out it involves a mathematical equation. And graphs.

10. And finally, you might be a new photographer if you’re wondering what’s wrong with any of these scenarios.

Sara McNutt lives, writes, and photographs in Missoula, MT. You can find her at or visit her photography page on Facebook, Sara McNutt Photography.