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3 Simple Steps to Using Your Lightroom 3 Pretty Presets in Lightroom 4 or Lightroom 5

Today I have 3 simple steps that will allow you to use your Lightroom 3 Pretty Presets in Lightroom 4. You will have to apply these same steps to each preset that you want to be able to use in Lightroom 4. (UPDATE: This will also work the same from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 5)

BUT once you have completed the steps, you won’t have to do them again.

AND the steps literally will take you 30 seconds at most.

Check out the 4ish minute video below, or follow the steps below the video to have the ability to use your Lightroom 3 Pretty Presets in Lightroom 4!!


Step 1: Start With a Clean Slate.

Before you begin, choose a photo that has had not developing done to it and is straight out of the camera. The reason you want to start with a clean slate is that you are going to be updating your preset and we don’t any developing that you have done to the photo to mess up the preset.

Step 2: Change the Process Version.

Scroll down to the Camera Calibration panel. At the top, you’ll see the word “Process.” If you are in Lightroom 4, it will say “2012 (Current)” and you’ll want to change it to “2010.” This is the same Process Version that Lightroom 3 uses.

A little box with an exclamation point inside will appear below your photo that will let you know that you are no longer using the current process version on your photo.

Changing the process version will only change it for the photo you have open. This is the step that will enable your Lightroom 3 presets to work in Lightroom 4.

Step 3: Run and Update the Preset.

The next step is easy. Just click on the preset that you want to use and watch it make the changes to your photo. But before you make any other changes to your photo we are going to update it!

Right-click on the same preset you just ran and chose “Update with Current Settings.” A pop-up box will appear. Leave everything the way you see it but just make sure that the “Process Version” box is checked and click “Update.”

Now the next time you want to use this preset in Lightroom 4 you’ll just “click” it like before. And just like that your old Lightroom 3 presets will now work for you in Lightroom 4 or 5!

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