Closed For Business


Your client called, they think your business is closed! 

Even though you may not have a sign out front of your door, your activity on your blog is saying that either you are opened for business, or closed for business.  Which one are you? 

If you are wondering why no one is calling, then you might want to look at your blog.  If you have only posted one time in the last 30 days, I suggest that your clients think you are totally closed for business, and that there is not even a pulse!   If you have blogged twice in the last 30 days, they might look at your business as a fun little thing you do on the side.  If you have blogged at between 4-20 times per week, they look at it as the place to be!   You give the feeling of a hoppin’ happenin’ great place to hang around, and they will do just that!   

If you don’t have a ‘brick and mortar’ business, which is an actual store front with a studio, then your store front is your blog and your website.  And if you are not actively posting on your blog, you might as well have a sign outside your door that says:  “closed”.   I know, I know, you’re thinking that by only posting once a month your audience will believe that you are so busy, that you can only fit in one blog post a month.  Wrong!  By only posting once a month you are telling your audience that you’re not a real professional, youre not seriously running a business, and you are not the one to call. 

But, you say you only had one session last month?  Fine!  Stretch that session out to a few blog posts and find other things to blog about.  The best photography blogs can bring in more business than they can handle without any cost through a great blog, but there has to be something new consistently added to the blog and some great value to the blog for you to grow a large following.  If you only have one session per month right now, post a preview picture first, then the session, then go back and post about past sessions.  There is no rule that a blog post has to be more than one image.  But I wouldn’t blog about the same session more than 2-3 times.    

The more value your blog has, the more people will follow it. Whether you have enough sessions to blog or too many, your images are the first and best things to be putting on your blog.  But you may also want to consider adding regular posts each week about topics your target market would love.  And these topics may or may not have to do with photography.   If you are a newborn photographer, consider posting about newborn toys or great newborn websites.  Partner with local businesses to promote each other, like pediatricians, baby boutiques, nursing stores, etc.   Find ways to get involved with local baby groups and share about them on your blog.  When you have awesome baby images plus great info for mothers, people will start to regularly visit your blog. 

Senior photographers might do regular posts about pop culture, the latest music, local fashion trends, and even local High School sporting events!!   Again, your images should be the first thing you blog about, but then think about your target market and add some great posts that they would love.  I recommend using a calendar to keep your posts regular and consistent.

The important thing to realize is what a powerful tool your blog can be, and when you are consistently posting on your blog, sharing your posts on your social media and being present, your clients will not only know that you are open for business, but there will be a fun “buzz” about what is going on that is sure to impress!  You will be in front of more people more often and you will be the photographer to call!   

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