Pricing Your Photography

Video Notes:


Pricing is for everyone no matter what stage you're at in your business.


Because business is all about money!

In order to set your prices you’ll need to...

1. Identify your target market

2. Your volume of clients {work all day or once a week?}

3. How much do you need to make to cover overhead?

4. Identify your business overhead:

5. Online subscriptions

6. Storage

7. Bills

8. Hard costs vs soft costs:

a. hard = products

b. soft = services

9. Then you have your time, education, equipment, software, marketing

Do you want to make all your money out of sessions or sell products? You’ll need to set pricing for those products

Hopefully before you start charging, you'll have...

- Consistency

- Talent

- Experience through portfolio building

Even though you’re just at the beginning of thinking about your business, getting your business hat on is just as important as perfecting your art.


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