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Beautiful Pretty Presets Templates for Free and Instant Download

If there is something I love about working in this industry, it is the generous and beautiful people in it.  Elena is one of those who people who loves to help others and is so generous.  I came to her and asked if she could help me create something beautiful for the fans of Pretty Presets.  She didn't stop at just one beautiful template; she created FOUR templates.  These are for you and we hope you enjoy!

In appreciation of these free downloads would you mind going to EW Couture and just say "thank you"?  It's two simple words and they go so far in my opinion.  Also, help spread the word to your friends that these templates are available here and they're FREE.  You can spread the word by "Sharing the Love" below or I have also included a sentence you can copy and paste below.  Lastly, ENJOY them and have fun sharing your before and after images.  These can be used in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop.  Thank you so much and enjoy your day!  Laura

"Come enjoy beautiful before and after templates from Pretty Presets and EW Couture"

Works best for Photoshop Elements

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Works in Photoshop

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