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Here are some tips for making the most of your visit to a national park.

1) Rise early

I am not the best morning person myself but when it comes to catching a beautiful sunrise, I grab a coffee and go! There is nothing that compares to watching the sunrise in a National Park! I love watching the sky change from purple, pink, and then blue as the sun comes up. By rising early you also have a great chance spotting wildlife, since this is a popular time for them to move before the heat of the day. As an added bonus, there is not much traffic early in the morning!
6 Tips for Making the Most of your Visit to a National Park

2) Pick up a good map

Even though most smart phones have GPS, most parks do not have great cell service. As you drive into a National Park, a park ranger will hand you a map and I highly suggest using it! Not only does it have important information such as rest areas, first aid, and park closures ,but it will be more accurate then your GPS. My oldest always gets a kick out of helping by reading the map too as we drive, it is a fun way to get the whole family involved!

3)Talk to a Park Ranger

Park Rangers are there to help you and they love sharing their knowledge. This is how I have found some of my best places to photograph within the National Park! They also have some really neat things for children too, such as Junior Rangers. Best advice – If you have a question do not be afraid to ask!

4) Respect the wildlife

Many National Parks are a great opportunity to see some amazing wildlife. The best times are often during sunrise and dusk. I love photographing animals just as much as I do the landscape, but it is important to remember to respect their space. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen someone way too close! Trust me you cannot run as fast as them!


6 Tips for Making the Most of your Visit to a National Park

5) Take a hike

Whether it is a one-mile hike or a ten-mile hike, you need to do a hike! A hike is a great way to see things off the beaten path. I love the sense of freedom and the anticipation as to what might be around the next corner. Park Rangers are a great resource for asking what they suggest for your athletic level.

6) Visit a spot more than once

If your trip allows, visit a spot more then once. I always like to find a new perspective on places I have visited more then one time. The Tetons is a great example of this. I visited one spot early morning and watched a moose cow with her two calves for a little over an hour. I ended up coming back later that night to the same location for an amazing sunset! I enjoy the challenge of finding a different perspective from the same location no matter how many times I have been there. Happy shooting & never stop exploring!


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