1. Balance is Key

For me over the years it has always been hard to find the correct balance between home life and photography life. When that balance is out of whack, things just don't work. I keep a tight editing schedule, always cull for a certain amount each day, and edit for a certain amount each day. I have days off where I don't need to edit and days off where I’m not shooting. Its ok to have a weekend day off. Don't miss your families special moments, you will regret it later and get burned out quickly!

2. Saying no is OKAY

What you can handle weekly for editing and shooting is important! I use to try to shoot it all: weddings, seniors, family, kids, babies, and tons of newborns! I would come in on my days off and take on a ton of extra sessions. I always felt guilty telling people no. I have learned that it is okay to say no and to know your limits. Again, it comes back to finding the right balance. I now just focus on babies, kidsand families. I only take a certain number of newborns a month and once I hit that number its okay to say no. Remember, if you are stretching yourself thin, not only will your work suffer but your family life will too.

3. Growth is important

There will always be something new I need to learn or areas that I need growth in. Never stop learning or growing. Stepping outside of my comfort zone trying something new. It may not come out just right the first time, but I will have gained the knowledge and the know how to do it even better the next time.

4. Learn and understand light

Photography is literally the art of painting with light. Look for the light!! Pay attention to how the lightaffects a person face, the shadows it makes, the way is lights up someones eyes, or makes that perfect halo around their hair. Additionally, notice how it comes in filtering though the trees and what it looks like at certain times of the day. Light can either make your photo blah…. or it can take it to whole other level of amazeballs!

5. Get down!!

Get down to the kids level! Be silly and goofy with them. I am sure my clients can agree that I get pretty crazy when I’m working with their kids. I just do what I need to to get that shot! We roar like wild animals, give lots of tickles, come up with silly words, roll in the grass, make fart noises and hop like frogs! Most of all just have fun and don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself!


Hi I’m Erica Wolfe! From the amazing state of Michigan!Im a wife (11 years), mother to 3 amazing kids 11,5 and 4. A daughter who has the most amazing supportive parents a girl could ask for! My life would not function without their help. Im a dance mom and soccer mom! As a family we love to travel and go camping. When I'm not working my guilty pleasure is young adult books. I love anything creative. And what women doesn't like to shop!  Find me on Facebook or on my website.





Edited with Vintage kiss, Brushes add darkness, eye catchlights, add details, radial filter add light

Edited with Aquarius V4 ,fairy dust, add detail brush, eyes catchlights brush,radial filter add light

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