What encouraged me

Pretty Presets has taken me to the next level in photography, it has helped me learn the different ways in editing an image, to take it from the ordinary to the extraordinary achieving amazing results.

When I first started photography in 2012 I had no idea how editing worked, I never went to photography school, lightroom offers many ways of editing a photo when you know how to use it. I was not happy with my editing results, my images were not getting the finish I desired and felt discouraged many times. Looking at other photographers edits made me think many times I was not meant to do photography and felt intimidated to keep going since I felt like my work wasn’t getting anywhere. I felt like quitting so many times but my passion for photography took me further down the road until I found Pretty Presets in 2014 and made a huge difference in my photography. I took me several attempts before a preset looked good any of my images but with the awesome team that Pretty Presets has I was able to learn how to apply presets and make them fit my images. I was so encourage by Pretty Presets that made my passion for photography grow even more.

5 Ways to grow your business

  1. Feel passionate of what you do, offer fun stuff to your clients like special offers, giveaways etc.
  2. Research photography tips to improve your photography.
  3. Set goals, never get stuck in your business stay updated in photography ideas and editing, learn from Constructive Criticism.
  4. Have a great personality to give your clients the best customer service experience be a fun and charismatic photographer.
  5. Make business cards, create a page to make it easier for potential clients to view your work, create a website, e-mail, a very important tip is to answer to every client in a timely manner.

    What I’ve learned since I started my photography business

    1. In my photography journey I’ve learned to have patience
    2. Photography skills grow daily makings tons of mistakes.
    3. I am my biggest critic.

    2 Reasons why not to give up

    1. Something I always feared ,when I had thoughts of quitting, was that one day I'd ask myself "What If?". I am grateful I didn’t give up when I wanted to because I’ve captured the best and most beautiful things in life with my camera. Experience the excitement in photography, don’t feel insecure. Live your dreams, imperfection is also beautiful.
    2. Never underestimate yourself in the photography business; you may become a professional photographer if you continue to follow to your dreams. Discover yourself the results may surprise you.


    1. Learn how to use your equipment.
    2. Learn to see your potential in every session.
    3. Find what you like photographing the most, you may not be a wedding photographer but you may be the sweetest with newborns.
    4. It’s ok to make mistakes, it’s not ok to not learn from them.
    5. Be a happy photographer, believe in yourself and you will create the most beautiful images you never imagined.


    EARLIER PHOTOS 2012 AND 2013:


    Images from top to bottom:

    First image of little girl with both hands on her face presets were: Buttercup from Color Luxe, Grad Filters Rose Haze & Depth & Drama. Portrait Brushes, skin smooth and light up shadow.

    Second image: Blue Suade, Perfect Portrait Makeup Brushes, lips make rosy, eye liner, mascara, color darken with violet tone, skin smooth and cloned thin hair off her face and eye.

    Third image:Bejeweled V2, Perfect Portrait Brushes,depth & drama, darken hair color with a red color, quick clean, contrast & hazy matte from Clean & Creative, makeup brushes lips make rosy, eye liner.

    Fourth image: Sweet Haze & Heart Butterflies from the Summer Collection, with smooth skin from Perfect Portrait Brushes

    Fifth Image: Quick Clean, reduce red skin from Clean & Creative smooth skin from the Perfect Portrait Brushes

    6th Image: Soft Matte from the Summer Collection & Skin smooth from PP brushes 


    Hello my name is Perla Salazar, owner of Capturing Love Photography, I am married to an awesome husband, he supports me in everything that I do. I have three children that I photograph daily hehe. Spending time with my family and friends is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy being out in the country with my camera photographing beautiful sunsets in the Texas Panhandle. Visit Perla's photography.website Here and Facebook Page Here.