How to Fix Wrinkles & Smooth a Background in Lightroom

How to Smooth Background in Lightroom

How to Smooth & Fix Wrinkles on a Background in Lightroom

Last month, Erika of Erika Marie Photography posted a photo in our awesome Lightroom Facebook Group where she had used the cloning and healing tools in Lightroom to smooth out the wrinkles on a background instead of taking the photo into Photoshop fix it.

Lightroom & Photoshop Facebook Group

Since many think that cloning in Lightroom is not as good as Photoshop, we are on a quest to prove them wrong.

We loved her edit and wanted to let you see a video of how she used the cloning and healing tool in Lightroom to fix the wrinkles on a newborn blanket background.

Go ahead and try it on one of your images - you may not want or need to take images into Photoshop any more!


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