Customizing Radial Filters from the Illuminate Lightroom Collection

Customizing the Illuminate Preset Radial Filters

The presets included with the Illuminate Collection are a beautiful way to add that extra bit of interest to your photo or bring a bit more attention to the subject of your image. This collection is meant to help you add a special touch to your photo that will help enhance the beauty that is already there.

Occasionally, you may find that when you add one of the Illuminate Presets to your photo that some of the lens flare falls in a bad spot (your subject's face for example) or maybe you would like to adjust the sun glow to a different location in your image. The good news is that the Illuminate presets are adjustable and customizing them to fit your image is very easy!

Step 1: Choose the Preset

This step is as easy as it sounds.  Find and click on the preset you want to apply.  It may help to see a preview of the preset, so just hover over the preset and you will see a preview of it on your image (If you are using Lightroom 6 or before, the preview will be in the Navigator panel.)  *Note: Some of these presets use MANY radial filters and that may slow down the preview a little.

Choosing a Preset from the Illuminate Collection

Step 2: Select the Radial Filter Tool

All of the presets in the Illuminate Collection are created using the Radial Filter Tool.  In order to customize the preset, you will need to select the Radial Filter Tool and look for the Radial Filter "pins" to appear.  These little gray "pins" will appear in each spot a radial filter has been applied.

If you are not seeing any little gray pins when you click on the Radial Filter Tool, tap the "H" key. The "H" key hides the pins - and you may have accidentally hit it at some point!

Selecting the Radial Filter Tool

Step 3: Select and Move and/or Delete Pins

This is the step that will allow you to customize the Lightroom preset. Click on the pin you want to move or delete. When it is activated, it will show an additional black circle in the middle of the gray pin. With an activated pin, hover over the pin and wait for the hand to appear. Once you see the hand, you can click and drag it to a new location or you can delete it by tapping the delete key.

In addition to moving or deleting pins, you can also change their size and shape.  To do this, look for the handles at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. Click and drag those handles to resize or reshape the radial filter as desired.

Customize Radial Filters in Lightroom

If you want to customize any of the rainbow halos from this set, you will need to select and move several pins. Chances are that these pins are right on top of each other or at least close to that. This might take a little bit of patience. Click and drag the top pin where you want the halo to be and repeat with each of the pins underneath the top one.

Before and After Lens Flare Lightroom Preset Added

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Some of the radial filters are small and may be hard to grab and move. If you don't see the hand appear while you are hovering over the radial filter, it is likely too small. To fix this issue, just zoom in on your image. You should then be able to see and move the pin more easily.
  • If the radial filters are making your Lightroom move slowly after adding them, make sure to add them last after doing all other edits on your image.
  • You may think, "It would be nice to select and move all these pins at once." that would be really nice but, unfortunately, you can only move one at a time in Lightroom. If you want them to be in the same place on another photo, just sync your settings and make sure that the you have the Radial Filter box checked in your Synchronize Settings dialog box.

If you are more of a visual learner and would like to see these tips in action, check out our video tutorial below:

Customizing Radial Filters from the Illuminate Collection Video Tutorial

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