20 Webinars for to Quickly Learn Lightroom | Pretty Presets Lightroom Tutorial

Learning Lightroom can be a daunting task!  We love to help you learn and have provided MANY webinars over the years to help you do just that.  The good news is that these webinars are available for you whenever you need to learn.  Scroll through the ones below and find the topics that you need to learn more about!  Happy LEARNING!  Be sure to join our PRIVATE GROUP on Facebook to be encouraged with more great learning opportunities!

Lightroom for Beginners 


Workflow from Start to Finish 

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20 Webinars for to Quickly Learn Lightroom | Pretty Presets Lightroom Tutorial



Mastering the Brush and Graduated Filter

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5 Tips for Saving Time in Lightroom 

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Mastering Skin Tones and Brushes in Lightroom 


10 Ways to Maximize Your Lightroom Experience

Fixing Problem Images in Lightroom

5 Tips for Perfecting Your Portrait Workflow 

Snapshots, Virtual Copies, Histograms, & Noise Reduction

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Histograms and Lightroom


Snapshots and Virtual Copies in Lightroom


Noise Reduction in Lightroom

Editing Newborns In Lightroom

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Managing Files In Lightroom

To Lightroom and Photoshop Then Back

Essentials to Editing in Lightroom

How to Edit in Lightroom

How to Use Brushes and Graduated Filter in Lightroom 

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Clean and Creative Editing in Lightroom 5 



Lightroom INTERMEDIATE Webinar


Lightroom ADVANCED Webinar 

Editing Skin Tones in Lightroom 

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