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4 Facebook Ads You Can Create to Market Your Business

4 Facebook Ads You Can Create to Market Your Photography Business

Are you making the most of Facebook ads to help you market your business? Many photographers are not aware that they can do this and some who are worry that it costs too much money or that it’s too complicated to know how to do it.

Here are four types of Facebook Ads you can use to market your business:

1. Sponsored Post

This is one of the easiest types of Facebook Ads and you can do it for as little as $5 so it’s possible for any budget to make it work. With a Sponsored Post, you take a post that you have already made on your fanpage and you pay to get it seen by more people. You choose the budget you want to spend on it and the demographics you want to target and Facebook will continue showing your ad until the budget is exhausted or you pause/stop the promotion.

2. Facebook Like Ad

This is the ad type you want to use when you are trying to get more likes to your fanpage. You can set a daily budget and/or an overall budget for the ad campaign and it will run until your budget is met. Another thing many people don’t know about the Facebook like ad is that you can choose different images to be shown with it and mix up the way the ad is displayed so you get more for your advertising dollars. You can do as little as $5 or as much as you choose. When creating your Facebook Like Ad, you will be shown the average number of like per day you can expect to get with the budget you have chosen.

3. Sidebar Ad

There are different types of sidebar ads and this is a great option to choose if you want to use Facebook to direct people to your blog, website or a current special. While you can also use it to market your Facebook fanpage, it is most effective when you’re looking to direct people to a link off-site of Facebook. If you want more traffic to your blog or website, or if you are looking to promote a current special, a new launch or your services, then this is a great option. You can use geotargeting to get seen by more people from your area, improving your chances of bring in new clients to your photography business.

4. Targeted Ad

You can run a targeted ad and choose all the specifics of who you want to target, just like with Google Ads. It’s much easier than most people think and you can choose between CPC (cost per click) and cost per thousand impressions(CPM) to find the option that works best for your ad. You can choose from people who have liked your page, friends of people who have liked your page or people who have not liked your page. You can also choose specific demographics such as location, age, sex and interests. A little-known fact is that you can also target people who have liked specific pages on Facebook already.

So now you know four different types of ads you can use to promote your business with Facebook. You can being trying them today. The great thing about Facebook ads is that they are easy to test. You can start something and then pause or stop it if you are not happy with the results. If you really want to get in depth into Facebook advertising to market your business, you also have the option of hiring an expert to help you through the process and getting the best ROI.

Special thanks to Lisa from Social Media Satisfied for this awesome blog post.

4 Facebook Ads You Can Create to Market Your Photography Business

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