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5 Tips for Perfecting your Portrait Workflow

It brings me great pleasure to announce that we are offering another FREE Lightroom webinar. Come learn all about perfecting your workflow in Lightroom with Amanda Padgett, our Lightroom Instructor, here at Pretty Presets. We'll be sharing tips to help you work more efficiently in Lightroom. 

1. Have fun and take notes!  It's a wonderful class and we hope you learn some exciting tips that will save you time while editing in Lightroom.  

2. If you DO NOT have Lightroom yet please know you can still join us! Go here and download the free trial version of Lightroom they offer. Then come back and register yourself for the class. We would love to have you join us!  This will be taught from a Lightroom 5 platform but you learn just as much if you have Lightroom 1, 2, 3 or 4!

We had over 3,500 people register for a single webinar in the past!  Be sure to reserve your spot today. There are only 500 spots available.

Here are just a few responses from our past webinars:

Loved the webinar! I went to school for photography a couple years ago and they just told us we could purchase Lightroom before graduation & didn't teach us anything! I've learned so much from your posts and now webinar. Thank you so much! - Kristen

Thank you so much for the webinar it was WONDERFUL!!! I learned so much. - Stacey

It is amazing how much I learned in that hour! GREAT webinar! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! - Katie

Great webinar! I learned lots of stuff I was missing out on. - Shally

Thanks so much for sharing on the webinar...I have been using LR for several years and I still have so much to learn...thanks again! - Paula

Loved the webinar - very informative... thank you!! - Stephanie

The webinar was awesome....thank you so much - Roberta

Want to learn more?

We now offer a Lightroom 101 e-Guide available in our store and it's currently only $14!  Enjoy 32-pages all about using Lightroom here

The Lightroom 101 is a "quick start" guide to provide you with a helpful overview of Lightroom, show you how to use the Library and Develop modules, and give you a tour of the editing panels and tools to get you started using Lightroom today.  Enjoy this 32-page guide that covers everything you'll want to know about Lightroom!  This will be helpful to users with Lightroom 3, 4 and 5.  This is delivered as a PDF.

Includes information on: Library vs Develop, The Lightroom Catalog, Adding to the Catalog, Importing Images Into Lightroom, Culling Images, Keywords, Collection Sets & Collections, Adding to Existing Collections, Moving Image Files, Exporting Images, Develop Module Overview, Develop Module Left Side Panels, Comparing Edits in Develop, Basic Panel Options, Tone Curve Panel, Hue Saturation & Luminance Panel, Split Toning & Detail Panels, Local Adjustment Tools, Crop Tool, Clone/Heal & Red Eye Removal, Graduated Filters, Radial Filters, Adjustment Brushes, Editing With Presets, Virtual Copies & Snapshots, Taking Images to PS/PSE and Back, Tips for Lightroom Success and Lightroom Workspace Tips.

Written by our Lightroom Instructor: Amanda Padgett


Reviews from our webinar last Sunday:


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