A Picture Worth A Thousand Words - Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment, until it becomes a memory" - Author Unknown


Have you ever had an image where no words are necessary? You immediately feel the love, joy or even tear up just looking at it? This week we thought it would be fun to share images where very few words are necessary.

Thank you for all of the incredible submissions.  We're so grateful you shared these special moments with us!  We want to congratulate Erin Ganley and Kaitlyn Armerding for being the winners of this challenge.  As always, it's so hard to pick just two images.  But, both spoke volumes to us!  Thank you for joining our challenge this week.  We'll be starting another in a couple of weeks.  Can't wait to see you then!

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A Picture Worth A Thousand Words - Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

I posted this picture a while back, upset that my daughter's eyes were closed, but glad that I didn't delete it SOOC. I was blown away by the comments. Someone had said it reminded them of an angel kissing her on the head. As soon as I read that comment, I saw it immediately and I knew it was my uncle. He passed away from a brain tumor shortly after my wedding day. He speaks to me through my kids. I prayed to him while trying to conceive. My girls would have loved him. This shot proves to me that he's their guardian angel. This is now a canvas in our living room, reminding us to slow down and enjoy each day.

Photographer: Erin Ganley
Presets Used: I used Velvet Dusk, Soft Center Light, and Add Drama. 

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words - Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

This photo is of my husband playing with my daughter Olivia while she was hospitalized 5 weeks for bacterial meningitis. She endured 4 brain surgeries during this stay and this photo reminds me that no matter what situation you're going through, love always outweighs every emotion. 

Photographer: Kaitlin Armerding
Presets used: Black and White Workflow.  Black and white Base 3, add light and contrast, add contrast, add clarity a little and recover clipping.


Best Lightroom Presets Facebook Photography Challenge

Teaching our oldest son how to drive a tractor. A rite of passage on the family farm. 

Photographer: Jenny Schmitz
Presets Used: All in One Clean Edit, Brighten Center, Vignette, Bananas, Add Blue Green Pop and then brushed over their skin with a desaturation brush.

Best Lightroom Presets Facebook Photography Challenge

This was a couple that I shot going through IVF. It was heartbreaking, grueling, and intense. Coming from a healthcare background before I became a photographer, I knew what IVF entailed; the couple, however, did not. This was their first round with IVF, and this photo was the last one captured of the 18appointments. The sonogram had just been done, the doctor had just been in to tell them that they were scheduling her for a DNC and that they had lost their baby at almost 8 weeks. After the door had been closed, and the nurses and physicians left the room, this was their first reaction.... unstaged, unplanned... just raw, pure emotion.

I kept shooting, knowing that one day they will look back and the story of these photos would help them deal with their grief for their first loss of a child, and help them see the true beauty of life in their second go with IVF and the birth of their baby girl...

This couple did another round of IVF as soon as her body allowed after this, and, I'm happy to say, are expecting a healthy baby girl July 30th, 2016. I've had the honor of capturing this couple through EVERY single appointment, blood-draw, injection, and procedure of their failed IVF, as well as their second successful IVF, and now we're doing their maternity and birth story.

When I capture things like this, in a lifestyle way, I can't help but be humbled that God has chosen ME to capture stories like this for people. I get to experience the most personal, and often times, scary and unknown situations for couples. I'm certain that God put me through my healthcare schooling and career so I could learn everything I needed to know to get me to THIS point in my life. To not only be as knowledgeable as the physicians and nurses helping these couples but to also be that extra comfort and guidance to them during their procedure, way beyond my camera.

From a moment that is pure, raw emotion, to the beautiful moments we will capture at their birth in July, I'm so thankful that I have been on this journey with them...

Photographer: Sierra Smithers
Presets used: Clean & Bright, sharpening for women, soften skin brush.


Best Lightroom Presets Facebook Photography Challenge

I know this is different then what most are posting...but I went to NYC for the first time, and it was the week of 9/11. We went to the top of the Empire State Building, and it happened to be on the 11th... As I was staring out at the two lights, where the towers had stood.. and gazing at the city lights...the clouds moved, and suddenly opened up a little.. it was like the towers were reaching to the heavens.... It was hard not to cry... it was a profound moment for me...very sobering.

Photographer: Cathy Hakker
Presets used: I used Purple Frost and some hand edits to sharpen.

Best Lightroom Presets Facebook Photography Challenge

This happened to be the last photo I took for my March photo-a-day project. They were so excited about the bubbles that you would've thought they were at Disney!! Lol! I am so thankful for the time I spent working on this project and it really helped me refocus my energy and spend more time with my children and family. It is amazing the moments you can create and capture if you just let things happen. Loving finding more documentary style moments.

Photographer: Candice Cason
Presets used: Used Quick Clean, Center Light and add Color from Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow


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