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Editing Faces With the Perfect Portrait Brushes

Editing faces and skin is such an important part of any portrait session.  I don't like to do a heavy edit on a face.

How I Use the Perfect Portrait Brushes in My Editing Workflow

The Perfect Portrait Brushes are a huge part of my portrait workflow. For each of my senior girl sessions, I edit the face using the following brushes: Add Clarity to eyebrows and eyelashes (I don't change the strength), Eyes Sharpen to the eyeballs (Again, I don't change the strength) and Skin Smooth (I usually change the clarity to around -70. If there is acne, I use the healing tool to get rid of it. If there are bags under the eyes, I use the Skin Undereye Circles Brush and then do the Skin Smooth Brush. I don't whiten the whites of the eye because the Eyes Sharpen actually does that. I just want a good, clean edit on the face!

Secrets to Editing Skin, Eyes and Teeth Video Tutorial

I created this video to walk you through all the edits I make using the Perfect Portrait Brushes.

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