What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

You picked the images this week! 

Before you start reading, be sure you have some tissues.  The images, stories and poems we read over the past couple of days left us in awe and in tears. We were so moved by the LOVE within each post.  

Thank you for taking the time to share these special moments in your life with us. Through your images and stories you encouraged so many more within this group. What a gift you gave. Thank you!

It gives me great pleasure to share the images below!  Thank you for joining our challenge. Jodie and Leslie, please email me at support@prettypresets.com to redeem your gift. We look forward to the next challenge!  Thank you for being a part of this one.

What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

To date this is one of my all time favorite shoot's. I was so honored to do this for her and her baby girl. There are no words to express how much her strength inspires me. When most would break she fought...She's in remission.

Photographer: Jodie Beasley-Hale
Presets Used: Boho Chic II and A Quick Clean

What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

I have NEVER, let me repeat NEVER have shown anyone a picture of myself without my wig or been seen in public with out my wig or wrap covering myself except my immediate family. I was diagnosed about 6 years ago with alopecia. It started as a small spot of the back of my head and slowly progressed to total hair loss. It was a very difficult time in my life and some days I still get a little blue about it. What has helped me and inspired me about this disease is the fact that I am not alone. I keep my head held up and brush the tear off my cheek. I have to be strong for my children, for others that need and love me and for the many children in this world that are growing up with alopecia. If I could absorb all of this disease into myself to take it away from the world, so no other person would have to suffer the depression, hatred and feeling of self loss, I would in a heartbeat. To anyone who reads this with or without alopecia, to that person that may be battling their own personal demons, you are NOT ALONE!

Photographer: Leslie Dye
Presets used: Rustic one click. -22 clarity brush on skin, brighten brush on eyes.


Images and stories we fell in love with, too!

What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

My inspirational image is My husband and my daughter at her wedding last summer. This man is not her biological father but he is her Dad. He has loved and cherished her since she was 3 years old, my daughter and I are truly blessed to have found this amazing man to love us unconditionally. Fatherhood requires Love, not DNA.

Photographer: Tonya York
Presets used: Pretty Presets Workflow - all in one clean edit, clarity soften, vignette, lighten shadow. Clean & Creative Adanced Workflow - make matte

What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

What inspires me......
A husband who prays and actively seeks the Lords direction is key to a successful marriage and family. We are truly blessed by an amazing man of God.
Colossians 4:2 "Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful."

Photographer: Karissa Collins
Presets used: I used Aquarius V3 for this photo. Sunset was gorgeous last night. 

What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!I have two daughters and while they both inspire me, my three year old is my photography muse. She was diagnosed with a neurological speech disorder (Apraxia) just about a year ago and snapping pictures of her lost in her 'little-girl-world' is just one way we tell her stories without needing to worry about our words. Therapy for the both of us.

Photographer: Andrea Wolf
Presets used: Velvet Dusk, Center light, Portrait Brushes- Skin tone and even, and Blur Vignette (+ hand edits).

What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

Meet this very special mother and daughter duo. This little girl was longed for and wanted for a very long time. This image was taken on the day her adoption became finalized. There is nothing more precious and beautiful as the gift of motherhood. To share in their joy was an honor and privilege for me. A dream has come true for this little girl and her mother, together they have touched my heart. 

Photographer: Rashida Keenan
Presets used: Mystic Gold

What Inspires You?  Photography Challenge Winners Announced!

She is my inspiration. I was a teen mom. She was my little girl. We made the choice to parent. We chose to love her in all the "inconvenience." I chose as a teen mom to put someone else before myself and even writing this, I tear up thinking that SHE changed us. Empowered us. Strengthened us. Brought our family even closer together. She is the reason I graduated college with honors while parenting and working two jobs. She is the reason we bought a house, got married, got a (crazy) dog and now welcomed a little brother. And SHE was the start of my photography; from taking photos with a handheld digital camera, to a DSLR, to upgrades, to now running a small business while working a full-time job. It's been my way to capture her life and I'm fortunate now to be able to do that for others. I've had people tell me they "don't know how I do it..." I don't have to "do it." I live to. She is my reason I have never given up.

Photographer: Allison Marie Photography
Presets Used: Aurora Sky, Soft Center Light, Newborn Brushes


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