We have received so many requests for another webinar about creating a clean edit in Lightroom.  So it brings me great pleasure to announce that we will be offering one this Sunday, November 17th from 4-5PM EST. Come learn all about How To Use Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters.  We want to see you work more efficiently and save you time while editing. We are here to help you work smarter, not harder. Reserve your spot by clicking on the link below! 

Click here if you would like to reserve your spot on Sunday, November 17th from 4PM - 5PM Eastern Standard Time

1. The webinar will be held Sunday, November 17th from 4 PM - 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.  You can figure out what time this is in your time zone here.

2. Have fun and take notes!  It's a wonderful class and we hope you learn some exiting tips that will save you time while editing in Lightroom.  Plus, we'll have a special offer to those who come to our LIVE webinar!

We had over 3,500 people register for a single webinar in the past!  Be sure to reserve your spot today. There are only 1,000 spots available.

Here are just a few responses from our past webinars:

Loved the webinar! I went to school for photography a couple years ago and they just told us we could purchase Lightroom before graduation & didn't teach us anything! I've learned so much from your posts and now webinar. Thank you so much! - Kristen

Thank you so much for the webinar it was WONDERFUL!!! I learned so much. - Stacey

It is amazing how much I learned in that hour! GREAT webinar! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! - Katie

Great webinar! I learned lots of stuff I was missing out on. - Shally

Thanks so much for sharing on the webinar...I have been using LR for several years and I still have so much to learn...thanks again! - Paula

Loved the webinar - very informative... thank you!! - Stephanie

The webinar was awesome....thank you so much - Roberta

Pretty Presets that will be discussed: