Mastering Skin Tones & Brushes in Lightroom Training

Mastering Skin Tones and Brushes in Lightroom

Thank you so much for attending.  We had such a wonderful time and enjoyed all of the fantastic questions at the end, too.  Be sure to watch it through to the end, so you can check out the Q&A session also.  

During the webinar Amanda shared about how to create natural skin tones in Lightroom, how to take advantage of the Pretty Presets brushes and graduated filters and how to enhance your images in Lightroom.  She used the Perfect Portrait Brushes and the Graduated Filters for these edits. Be sure to click on the link below to DOWNLOAD FREE NOTES, too!


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Be sure to bookmark this page!  You can view other recorded live trainings we've offered recently through Pretty Presets.  Most will also include free notes to encourage you while you listen.  Enjoy the free lightroom training!

Mastering Skin Tones & Brushes in Lightroom Training

Mastering Skin Tones & Brushes in Lightroom Training

Lightroom Preset Collections

Below is a list of some of the collections that we shared about in the webinar and collections that we recommend for your workflow.

1. Lightroom Brush and Graduated Filter Bundle (used during webinar)

2. Color Luxe Workflow 

3. Baby Bella Newborn Complete Workflow

4. Bomb Pop Collection

5. Pretty Film Pastels Collection 

6. Pretty Film Bohemian Collection

7. Complete Pretty Presets Collection


A few reviews after the webinar:

Thank you. That was amazing. You just saved me HOURS of trial and error! - Gina

I am so thankful for you all! Even though I have been editing for a while, this webinar was immensely helpful! I will be looking out for anymore webinar workshops you offer. :) - Heather

Just bought the brushes....LOVE - Kimi

Thank you! I am brand new to LR and this was an amazing way to learn. - Heather

Fantastic webinar this evening! I love how easy and fast it is to learn lightroom with you guys! - Daira

Thank you so much I learned so much and cant wait to try all these out :) - Melissa

Thank you again, this was awesome - Debra

Thanks so much! I've leaned so much once again! You guys rock! - Joy

Thank you for doing a live session!! it was amazing! I love learning something new! - Sarah

Great job... as always!!! Thank You - Mike 

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