Hobbyist to Pro: A 16-Week Course to Build Your Photography Business

Hobbyist to Pro for Photographers

Hobbyist to Pro: A 16-Week Course ($99 Value)

Welcome to Pretty Presets and Actions.  We're so excited to share this amazing resource with you. Our 16-week course, “From Hobbyist to Pro” will guide you step-by-step through planning, launching, and growing your photography business. In this 150-page course, you’ll get an invaluable wealth of insights and best-practices. Plus, you’ll save a TON of time and frustration, not to mention time-saving money tips! 

We originally were putting together this 16-week course for $99, but instead, want to give it as a gift today!  So, it’s free … That’s right, go ahead and grab yourself a copy – our new comprehensive photography business course is FREE!

We love this industry and having battled through our own hard lessons in the photography businesses. We want to share what we’ve learned in hopes it will save you time and money. Think of it as a bulletproof blueprint to take your photography business as far as your passion desires.

Download “Hobbyist to Pro” today and spread the word about this free 150-page,16-week courseHobbyist to Pro modules include: 
  • Business Planning 101
  • Cameras & Lenses
  • Building a Portfolio
  • Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Your Website & Facebook
  • Protecting Your Images
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Packaging, Pricing, In-Person Sales
  • Mini Sessions
  • Client Communication
  • Finding Your Style
  • Work, Life and Balance
  • Recovering from Relocation
  • Taking Care of You
  • Plus a special BONUS styling clients sheet and wedding checklist


Download Hobbyist to Pro for Photographers


What Photographers Are Saying about Hobbyist to Pro...

"The Hobbyist to Pro: A 16 Week Course To Help You Build Your Business has great information! Definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys photography!-Kirstie R.

"This course has been so helpful and informative! It has been a great resource to use as I "grow" in my photography business!" -Emily A.

"I cannot thank the Pretty team enough for all the knowledge and help they have given me." -Amber S.

"As someone who struggles business wise with photography, I highly recommend this book. It is filled with helpful tips and ways to become confident and knowledgable in running your business. I cannot thank the Pretty team enough for all the knowledge and help they have given me." -Noel

"Very informative and lays the foundation from the start!" -B.L. Fotoworks

"I started this course on Tuesday (it's Friday now), and I'm already on week three!! I thoroughly enjoy this. Especially the writing style; it makes it very easy to want to read. There's a lot of great information for any photographer of any level. I'm so thankful for this course! As a semi-professional, I'm looking forward to completing this course and it helps me tighten up my practices." -Sami Jo.

"I had the course printed and spiral bound so I could read through it, highlight, make notes, etc., and it has to be hands-down the BEST resource I've found for taking my photography business pro. I did what I thought I was supposed to do a Facebook page, website, business cards and thought I was done! Not so much! I haven't even finished the course yet but I cannot express just how valuable this resource is already! I am so grateful to Pretty Presets for the hard work and huge time investment that went into creating this course. If you are looking to turn your photography hobby into a professional business, you won't want to do it without this course!" -Kathy L.