Complete Collection of Actions & Overlays for Photoshop

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Complete Collection of Actions & Overlays

The Complete Collection of Pretty Actions & Overlays includes:

  • ALL 25 Photoshop Action, Overlay and Digital Background Collections
  • PLUS 2 additional BONUS Collections: Double Exposure and Holiday Magic.
Enjoy the Complete Collection from Pretty Actions bundled together for a HUGE DISCOUNT!

Included In This Bundle:

Our goal has always been to drastically cut your editing time, so you can spend more time doing what you love.  Whether it be more time with your family, friends or taking on more sessions. We want these actions and overlays to encourage you as your business continues to grow! 

Learn more about each collection that is included below:

PURE Color Portrait Actions Workflow

The PURE Color Portrait Action Workflow is a comprehensive collection that includes over 63 workflow and creative actions to help you save time and quickly create beautiful “clean edits”, rich and vibrant artistic edits, and instant black and white conversions.

With its incredible ease of use and powerhouse results, this collection is sure to earn a spot at the top of your favorites list….fast!

Pure Color Workflow Portrait Actions

Pastel Dreams Action Collection

Get ready to fall in love with our Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions Collection.  A powerful, precise and versatile set of sweepingly beautiful actions, brushes and tools that will totally infuse your images with light & airy color you have to see to believe!!

This amazing Photoshop Action set is packed with 78 powerful, creative and workflow actions – everything you need to quickly and easily enhance your photos with soft pastel tones, gentle haze and rich creamy light.  These powerful actions work synergistically, building on one another as a complete workflow solution.

Light & Airy Photoshop Actions

FILM Actions Collection

Our FILM Collection includes 75 Pretty Photoshop Actions to assist you in creating a rich FILM inspired finish for your images.  Enjoy film processing actions, mini-retouch actions, luscious film inspired color actions and classic black and white actions.

Plus, we've included film add-ons to add unique personalization to your image and give you the full film effect.  Enjoy adding matte, jewel tones, haze, grain, and more!

Film Photoshop Actions

LUXE Newborn Complete Workflow Collection

Enhance your beautiful Newborn images with the LUXE Newborn Complete Workflow Collection!  This beautiful collection includes essential workflow tools to help you effortlessly retouch, color correct, and quickly create beautiful, dreamy newborn edits!

The LUXE Newborn Complete Workflow Collection Includes 60 Actions: 9 Fresh Starter Actions, 5 Blanket Brushes, 12 Skin Brushes, 4 Bonus Brushes, 11 Soothing Enhancers , 8 Matte Pastel Enhancers, 4 B&W Actions, 3 Workflow Actions, 4 Finishing Actions.

Newborn Photoshop Actions

Velvet Matte Actions Collection

Create the perfect Matte finish for your images with the Velvet Matte Collection for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements!  This luxurious collection includes actions ranging from soft and moody Black & White conversions to a Velvety Matte color finishes.  This set includes 20 actions + 15 BONUS Actions.

Matte Photoshop Actions

Black & White Workflow Actions

Create the perfect Black & White conversions with our Black & White Workflow Collection.  This timeless collection Includes the following 36 actions: 11 B&W Conversion Actions, 8 Tints and Toner Actions, 11 Workflow Actions, 6 Finishing Actions.

Black & White Photoshop Actions

"Falling Leaves" Fall Actions & Leaf Overlays Collection

The "Falling Leaves" Action & Overlays Collection will help you create beautiful Autumn images using our Fall Actions and REAL LEAF overlays!!

Create your fall masterpiece by starting with one of our autumn toning actions.  Then choose your individual leaf overlays, or use one of our easy to use, grouped leaves overlays.  You can customize your image by using the included actions to resize, rotate, and colorize your leaves to perfectly fit your image and use the various blur actions to give your photo realistic depth.

Powerful and easy to use, this collection is a must-have for all Fall photo sessions!

Fall Leaf Overlays

"Let it Snow" Winter Brushes & Actions Collection

Our "Let it Snow" Brushes and Actions will help you create beautiful winter images using REAL SNOW textures that are incorporated into our set!!

Create your winter wonderland masterpiece by starting with one of our winter tone actions.  Then choose a variety of instant snow actions from a light snowfall to a heavy snow shower.  You can customize your image by using one of the snow brushes that you can resize to perfectly fit your image. Add in a touch of snow haze or puffy snow flakes to give your photo realistic depth.

Powerful and easy to use, this frosty fun action collection is a must-have for all Winter photo sessions!

Snow Actions for Photoshop

Pretty Retouch & Makeup Collection

Our Pretty Retouch & Makeup Collection is a comprehensive editing suite for all your portrait retouching needs.  This collection includes 68 actions + 10 bonus eyelash brushes!

Our retouching Photoshop actions allow you to fully customize your look.  We've included soft, natural skin smoothing options, as well as, professional level retouching using frequency separation techniques.  All-in-one, color correction and "magic" actions help you save time and dramatically speed your workflow.

Retouch Actions for Photoshop

Fairyland Overlays & Actions Collection

Get ready to be put under a magical spell as you weave fairy magic into your boring old edits. 

Our Fairyland Overlays and Actions Collection will help you create enchanting Fairyland portrait masterpieces complete with 12 custom designed fairy wing overlays, 15 sparkling fairy dust brushes, 15 luminous sun ray overlays, 5 sunglow overlays and so much more!

We keep the fun going all night with 10 BONUS Firefly Overlays to add that perfect finishing touch to your fairy inspired images.

Calling all child, senior and portrait photographers - prepare to be charmed & captivated all at once!  When it comes to creating the perfect fairyland portrait, this collection has it ALL!

Fairy Wing Overlays

"Kaleidoscope" Lens Flare Overlays & Actions Collection

Add beautiful atmospheric depth, texture and light to your images with our Kaleidoscope Lens Flare Overlays & Actions Collection

Our Kaleidoscope flares are crafted from 100% optically captured Lens Flare images, created in-camera using natural sunlight, and a variety of iconic vintage lenses, to give you THE MOST AUTHENTIC EFFECT.

These gorgeous overlays include a large variety of dramatic Sunbursts, Rainbow Sun Rays, soft beautiful Sun Flares and Hazy Light effects.  Each overlay is completely versatile and can be resized and rotated to blend seamlessly with your images.  You can even combine multiple overlays to create your own unique look!

Sun Flare Overlays

"Vivid Skies" Cloud Overlays Collection

Our "Vivid Skies" Cloud Overlays Collection will WOW you with the most beautiful clouds, horizons and sunsets.  Use our exciting FREE BONUS Cloud Applicator Actions to magically replace your blown-out or overcast skies quickly and easily.

This collection includes 35 High-Resolution JPEG image overlays + applicator actions for use with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Vivid Sky Overlays

"Painted Skies" Sunset Sky Overlays Collection

Our newest Cloud & Sky Overlays - the "Painted Skies" Sunset Sky Overlays Collection will WOW you with the some of the most beautiful & colorful skies, clouds, horizons and sunsets your have EVER SEEN!

Dramatically improve your images by replacing your dull and/or blown out skies with one of the many soft and ethereally colored sunset sky overlays included in this gorgeous collection!

Its so easy to use too!  Swap skies in seconds using our new and improved BONUS Cloud Applicator Photoshop Actions to magically replace your blown-out, overcast AND even colored skies.

This collection includes 35 High-Resolution JPEG image overlays + applicator actions for use with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Sunset Sky Overlays

"Blossom" Flower Overlays & Actions Collection

Add the perfect Spring touch to your photos with our captivating "Blossom" Flower Overlays & Actions Collection.  With 50 luscious flower and foliage overlays we have made it oh-so-easy to beautifully frame your image and add that extra special touch.

Blend one of 50 gorgeous overlays seamlessly to match the colors of your image by using our custom created Blossom actions that apply directly to your overlay for added ease of use.  You can effortlessly match greenery, add color, and even add bokeh. Enjoy a huge variety of different flowers and blossoms included in this collection as well as natural foliage all created from REAL flowers and plants!  Plus you get 8 BONUS vertical blossom overlays for more maximum flexibility.

Flower Overlays

Bubble Overlays & Actions Collection

Are you ready to add a lot more fun to your editing routine?  We’ve got the answer!  Our Bubble Overlays and Photoshop Actions Collection will add that perfect whimsical touch to your images you've been looking for!

This super fun collection offers you a world of bubbles and whimsy at your fingertips.  Includes natural bokeh bubble overlays, in a wide variety of bubble sizes: teeny tiny bubbles, small bubbles, and large bubble overlays created from REAL BUBBLE images for the most authentic effect!  Apply single bubbles, a cluster of bubbles, or a “flurry” of bubbles selected from one of 100 bubble overlay options included in this HUGE collection.

We keep the fun going with 6 BONUS Sun Spec overlays to emulate actual specular highlights and add that perfect finishing touch to your outdoor images taken in the sun.

When it comes to BUBBLES, this collection has it ALL!!  Are you ready to play?

Bubble Overlays

Fog and Rain Overlays & Actions Collection

Add ethereal dreaminess to your images with our Fog and Rain Overlays & Actions Collection.  Instantly transform an ordinary image into a mysterious atmospheric scene using fog overlays created from REAL smoke for the most authentic effect!

Create mood and drama using natural fog and smoke overlays in a wide variety of styles: choppy, organic, puffy and wispy options.  Enhance the sense of mystery and depth with one of the included rain overlays.  We've also included 5 BONUS Lightning Bolt Overlays giving you, even more, options to complete your look.

With over 100 different fog, smoke, rain and environmental weather elements, this collection has it ALL!  Are you ready to push your imagination to the extreme?

Fog & Rain Overlays

Holiday Bokeh Overlays & Actions Collection

It's never been easier to add magical holiday lights to your images with our Holiday Bokeh Overlays & Photoshop Actions Collection.  Instantly transform your ordinary image into a holiday masterpiece using overlays created from REAL bokeh lights for the most authentic effect!

Add sparkle and glow using natural bokeh overlays in a wide variety of sizes and styles: classic, multi-color, icicle, swag, and string lights.  With over 100 different bokeh overlays, holiday magic is just a click away!

We've also included our innovative applicator actions that allow you to quickly and easily apply the bokeh overlays to your images, and you can even customize your bokeh with selective adjustment layers.

The magic doesn’t stop there!  We've also included a super fun collection of Holiday Shapes: Candy Cane, Gingerbread, Snowflake, Star, & Tree Bokeh Overlays giving you, even more options for that perfect holiday look!

Holiday Bokeh Overlays

All 8 Newborn Digital Backdrops 

Our premium newborn digital backgrounds are perfect for the busy newborn photographer and will help your newborn photography stand out from the crowd!  Our 8 Newborn Digital Backdrops include Blueberry Hill, Lemon Drop, Woodland Forest Swing, Garden Butterfly, Darling Rabbit, Rocking Horse, Furry Friends, and Rainbow Hearts.

Save time & money - you will no longer need to purchase and store expensive props or spend hours preparing for a styled newborn shoot.  Just use these gorgeous digital backdrops with your existing newborn images during post processing.

The included Applicator Actions will help you quickly and easily place, composite and refine your newborn image on the digital backdrop.

Newborn Digital Backgrounds



Double Exposure Actions Collection

Double exposure photography is a technique traditionally used by film photographers to combine two or more exposures to create one single image.

Now with the Pretty Photoshop Actions Double Exposure Actions Collection, you can create dreamy double exposures with a click of a button.  Your creativity is limited only by your imagination!  Includes Double Exposure Actions, Color Overlay Actions, and BONUS Textures.

Double Exposure Photoshop Actions

Holiday Magic Actions Collection

This collection is usually only available around the Winter holidays, but we've included it here as a special BONUS!

Add sparkle and a whimsical glow to your Christmas & Hannukah photos using our Holiday Magic Photoshop Actions Collection.  Magical Christmas Glow Overlays and Sparkle Brushes are the perfect way to make the holidays shine!

Includes Book Glow and Holiday Magic Applicator Actions, Enhance Magic Actions, Magic Color Actions, Holiday Magic Sparkle Brushes, and 4 "Book Glow" Overlays.

Holiday Magic Actions

If you want to SAVE BIG on our Pretty Actions & Overlays, this bundle is for you!
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