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Thank you so much Laura! I can't wait to use them!! You have been extremely patient and helpful! I really appreciate that! You can tell you care deeply for your business and your customers! Looking forward to purchasing more of your preset in the future! I am a fan!  - Rachel

I purchased the Complete Collection on Black Friday and went out and shot my daughter's maternity session on Saturday morning. Wow, The presets and brushes make the workflow fly and a beautiful mother to be even more stunning. Thank you. - Jack

Your presets are beautiful. I purchased the entire collection for LR 5, and the black and white workflow. They are WELL worth the investment and cannot wait to purchase your brushes! I also want to say thank you for all the information you give freely on your website (and the awesome freebies!) I am new to working with presets and after watching the webinar last night on how to make a perfect portrait, I realized I had been using them wrong. I would always tweak my exposure, contrast, etc, and THEN use a preset. I always noticed that my sliders would change, and now I know why! Thank you! - Shandy

Talk about GRADE A customer service and amazing products to boot! I was not even expecting my message to be read until business hours during the week and your response was lightening fast. You have no idea the depth of my gratitude. Amazing. - Kimberlee

I have now heard from two other fellow photographers that you have taken the time to help them out as well, and I think its truly wonderful that you make time for your clients. It is so hard to come by "GREAT" customer service these days,so when we do, I think its so important to make a point of saying "THANK YOU!" So again from myself, I thank you. You have not hesitated even once to help me out and I truly appreciate it. And for anyone else who can see this post, if you agree with me, and Laura has helped you out as well, please "like" this and show your appreciation as well♥ Kind and honest people can sometimes be few and far between, so when we do cross paths with them, its important to let them know that we are grateful ♥  - Lisa

I now own four preset collections from Pretty Presets and the gradient brushes. Oh my goodness, they have changed my life. It has made my editing process lighting fast and so easy. My favorite collection is the Spring Color, Flare and Haze Collection. When it was released, it was like you read my mind on the direction and feel that I wanted my work to go in. I love love love Bluebird and Dewdrop. And I use the sun flare presets on about 90% of my work. I also use your brushes on all of my work. Love Depth and Drama and Eye Sparkle. I just recently added the Gradient: Sun into my workflow as well. Pretty Presets for Lightroom has a fan for life right over here (me, lol). Aside from offering amazing products, you offer the most helpful, awesome tutorials and have TOP NOTCH customer service skills. It's clear how much your customers/fans mean to you. Keep up the fabulous job!! - Lindsey

You are such a sweet and helpful person and I want you to know how much you are appreciated. No matter how silly the question may be you are always there to answer and never have the "better then thou" attitude! You inspire me to put joy into my life with your kind and motivational words. Thank you for being such a great inspiration! - Megan

I would like to let people know, if your thinking of purchasing something from pretty presets, DO IT. Laura was wonderful in assisting me with my download. I shot over a email and before I knew it she was responding back. Quick response and WONDERFUL person. Best experience of online purchase Ive ever dealt with.Jaime

Thank you for the quick response, Laura! Your product is wonderful and so helpful  The tutorials, recorded webinars, sales, presets are GREAT! - Jasmine

Thank you so much for answering my message so promptly. You are always so helpful when I have any questions. I am a newbie photographer and I absolutely love your LR presets and brushes. Even though I still have a long way to go, your products have made a vast improvement in my photography! Now I just have to practice so I can use them all to their full potential. Thanks again. - Dawn

I know you are busy, but I just had to say thank you for such a fast response and helping me with my error!  I LOVE the presets and I am a customer for life!!  - Sasha

"Thank you so much! You're the best and I'm so thankful that there are amazing  people like you and your customer service is just unreal! It's because of you that I go the extra mile to make sure my clients have the most awesome experience possible. Thank you for being awesome!" - Miranda

Thanks again so much Laura. You are fantastic. As are your presets! I am in love! I will definitely be buying more in the future! - Tor

“Thank you for taking the time to write me back. Not everyone in this business will do that, and I really think it was awesome that you did that for me. I’m so happy with my purchase!!! Thanks again.” -Kym

”Just had to tell you I’m in LOVE with “Pure Beauty”! I have a more true-to-life style and this preset is perfect. I’m editing a session tonight and I am so excited that I’ll be done in an hour or less!” -Mary Beth from Photographer Cafe and the Photographer Cafe site

"I can’t thank Laura enough for her BEAUTIFUL presets!!! They have saved me SO much time on editing and I am finally seeing my photos in a whole new light. It wasn’t until I started using Pretty Presets that my photographs began to look how I had always hoped they would- vibrant, creamy, full of life with an added touch of this and that which I adore! As a working mother and photographer time spent with my family is precious- thanks to these presets I am able to spend more time with my family and less time sitting in front of the computer trying to obtain that perfect picture! THANK YOU Laura for helping me achieve beautiful images AND for giving me time back with my family! I appreciate you SO much!!” Sincerely, -Katherine.

"Pretty Presets are unique, clean, and full of character. I literally LOVE every single one of these. I love the warmth and definition it adds to my photos!” -Nicole Dina

“Laura…I finally did it! I wanted to say thank you because a very long time ago you had a brown freebie everybody was so excited about, but I knew nothing about Lr. I even downloaded it and there it sat. You wrote me the sweetest email that encouraged me to go for it. Well…it took a while but I did & I LOVE Lr!!!! I just wanted to tell you that when ever I had the chance or the knowledge to buy any presets, because of your great first impression I always thought that I would want to spend my money with you! Good job girl! Be blessed!”

“Beautiful! I love these more than others I just paid double for! If you use presets at all, this is all you need and a bargain!” -Tamee

“Love the presets! Great job My favorite is “Pretty Girl.” It reminds me of my favorite Florabella action, Cosmopolitan. There is a huge market for this look right now and this preset is amazing! Here’s a before/after direct Flickr link. The before is SOOC. The after is with your Pretty Girl preset, nothing else (only sharpened for web).” -Pamela Topping

“Laura, Okay, first off – these rock. I am especially loving ‘summer love’ and ‘warm embrace.’”

“Thank you Laura! I am using them right now. LOVE them! Great job!” -Nicole

“Oh boy! it is 11 pm and I am playing with your presets…. I have to get up at 4:30 am. I absolutely LOVE them. I just had to let you know.” -Lilla

“Laura, Just wanted to let you know that the presets are wonderful!!!!!! They really help give shots that extra something! I love ‘em! Thank you so much! You did a great job. I can’t wait for your indoor set to come out!” -Tara

“I have these presets and am totally in love with them! I am playing with them, and will post some pictures, hopefully tomorrow!” -Michele

“I’m really new to lightroom and wasn’t sure I was going to like it………… until NOW!!!! I am soooo in love with these! Thanks so much! Can’t wait until the indoor version comes out!” -Joie

“Thank You, I am learning/playing with LR and have been looking for presets. Yours are beautiful. I found them easy to download and import with your instructions. Thanks again!” -Michelle

“You won’t regret this purchase. These are the best brown and black and white I’ve seen around. I’ve tried many!” -Tamee

“If anyone’s contemplating buying her presets…don’t! They are SO WORTH IT!” -

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I bought them this morning and have been playing in LR every spare moment I’ve had My daughter is now down for a nap and I’m so torn between playing in LR and cleaning the house!! They are AWESOME!” -Rachel

“Laura, I got your presets after seeing it mentioned on FB thru Photographer Cafe. I just wanted to say thanks for hooking me up with Brown and I love all your presets!!!” -Ami

“Laura… I just had to email you and say THANK you, this will save me so much time and I absolutely LOVE how my photos are turning out (and I know my clients will too!). I am so glad I found your presets. Amazing and thank you!” -Renee

“I am just starting to discover the beauty of doing global edits in ACR – I had tried processing that same pic in PS with multiple layers and yours did it pretty much in one click!” -Tracey

“I am SO in love with your presets! You do an amazing job!! I just finished up editing a senior session that I did using your edits and I can’t stop looking at them! Your presets took the pictures to the next level! Thank you!” -Katie

“OMGOODNESSSSSS!!!! I LOVE these! WOW! Will you be making any more??? Can you tell how excited I am?!?!?” -Erin

“Loving the new (unreleased!) collection! Your presets are magical! My editing time has been cut by at least 50%. Thank you Laura!” -Catherine