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Thank you for joining our webinar tonight. We're so glad you came! We'll be working on getting the webinar up on the blog so you can view it this week. Don't forget some of the offers we shared during the webinar! 

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We have free notes, free facebook and blog templates and even a link to our past webinars!  You can click the link below and the notes will instantly download for you. Enjoy!

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$10 off any $25 purchase for next 60 minutes with the code "webinar" at checkout.

Enjoy $10 off any $25 purchase in the entire store for 60 minutes following the webinar.   Below is a list of some of the collections that we shared about in the webinar and collections that we recommend for your workflow.

1. Perfect Portrait Brushes

2. Color Luxe Workflow 

3. Black and White Workflow

4. Pretty Film Pastels

5. Workflow Collection - only $19 through tonight!

6. Complete Collection

7. All Lightroom Presets

8. All Brush Collections 

Create your own clean and polished look in Lightroom 4-6 and Creative Cloud with the the Pretty Presets Workflow Set. This set is fantastic for cleaning up an image or for layering it to create your own look. Personally, I love to use 3-4 of these presets and layer them for a creative look! 

Presets used: All in One Clean Edit, Color Pop a Little, Sharpening Portraits

Pretty Presets for Lightroom


  1. All in One Clean Edit
  2. Clarity Males and Still Life
  3. Clarity Soften Babies and Females
  4. Color Casts Fix Reds a Little
  5. Color Casts Fix Reds a Lot
  6. Color Casts Fix Yellows
  7. Color Enhance Blues
  8. Color Pop a Little
  9. Contrast a Little
  10. Contrast a Lot
  11. Exposure Brighten a Little
  12. Exposure Brighten a Lot
  13. Exposure Brighten Center
  14. Exposure Darken a Little
  15. Exposure Darken a Lot
  16. Exposure Lighten Shadows
  17. Exposure Recover Clipping
  18. Noise Reduction High
  19. Noise Reduction Low
  20. Sharpening Portraits
  21. Sharpening Still Life
  22. Vignette Low
  23. Vignette Strong
  24. WB Cool It
  25. WB Warm a Little
  26. WB Warm a Lot
  27. X Reset Image

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Presets used: All in One Clean Edit, Color Enhance Blues, Exposure Recover Clipping and Sharpening Portraits