Use brushes to fix clipping in Lightroom

"Clipping" comes in two forms - highlight and shadow. More people know about highlight clipping, when an area of the image is so bright the color is "blown out" (which is term synonymous with highlight clipping." 

Local Corrections of Clipping

The only way to target specific areas of an image, for any problem, is with the local adjustment tool, like brushes, filters, spot removal. Last Fall, Leah recorded a short video showing how to eliminate clipping with a local adjustment brush (video below).

Global Corrections of Clipping

Gayle did a lovely tutorial about clipping last year, what it is and how to resolve it with the side panels in Lightroom, meaning "global" edits. 

Shadow Clipping

Since Gayle or Lea only addressed highlight clipping, I will tackle what shadow clipping is or how to correct it next week.