Use Film Toolkit for extra creative preset edits I love things that provide variety and flexibility, like my necklaces from a certain jewelry company. I can wear them long by themselves, or layered together, or doubled for a shorter look. With a few tweaks, one necklace can look like three different necklaces. That is how I feel about the Toolkit that comes with the Film Bohemian and Film Pastels collections for Lightroom.

The Toolkit is installed just as regular presets, and is accessed in the Presets panel on the left side of the Develop panel. Once you run a preset from Bohemian, Pastels, or another preset collection, you can then go apply a preset from the Toolkit. The presets in the Toolkit allow you to brighten or darken an image, lighten or darken the shadows or highlights, tweak the white balance, and more. This is beneficial because it allows you to correct problems that may have been created by a preset (like too much contrast or too bright), but also allows you to tailor the preset to be exactly what you want for that particular image.

In the video below I illustrate how to achieve different looks from the same Lightroom presets by using a few of the Toolkit presets.