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Part 3: Photographing Food With Your iPhone

 Photographing Food With Your iPhone or SmartphoneYou have cooked the most beautiful dinner or baked a delicious batch of cookies and now you want to share a photo on Instagram. Instead of throwing your dish on the kitchen counter and snapping a quick picture, take just a few minutes to show off your delectable creation. Check out part 1 and part 2 in case you missed them, then continue reading here.

Photographing Food With Your iPhone


Grab some fun food props, like we talked about in Part 2 of this series, and find a spot with great natural light. Lighting really is everything! I have a great window in my loft where I set a table just for taking pictures. I use white foam core boards to bounce the light back onto my display if needed. These are inexpensive and work great! Natural lighting can make all the difference in a photo and it can save you editing time.

Photographing Food With Your iPhone Part 3


Now that you have the food, the props and the lighting just right, it’s time to take the picture. Use the screen on your phone to see what your image will look like. Move around, try different angles, and don't be afraid to change things if something isn't working. By doing all of this, I can get a variety of fun close-up shots in no time at all. I typically take about 25-30 pictures when I am working on a styled photo shoot. I then upload the images to my computer, where I can blow them up and see them on a larger scale. I then go through and choose my favorites to use.

Part 3: Photography Food With Your iPhone


My iPhone is truly my BFF when it comes to food photography. So, next time you want to share a mouth-watering food image, grab your iPhone and give some of these tricks a try. Warning… you may have unexpected guests show up wanting to eat some of your incredible edibles!

Part 3: Photographing Food With Your iPhone or Smartphone

How to Photograph Food with your iPhone by Pamela SmerkerPamela Smerker is a wife, mom and blogger with a passion for baking, photography and entertaining. She is the creator and author of Fronie Mae Bakes, a food blog dedicated to her late grandmothers, where she shares recipes and entertaining inspiration. Fronie Mae Bakes website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

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