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Part 2: Photographing Food With Your iPhone

Part 2: Photographing Food with Your iPhone or Smartphone

Do you ever scroll through Pinterest or flip through magazines drooling over beautiful food images? Those great shots that make you want to jump in and take a bite. Today I am going to share how I pair different foods with props to get those eye-catching styled recipe photos. Check out part 1 in case you missed it, then continue reading here. 

Part 2: Photographing Food with Your iPhone or Smartphone


When it comes to styling breakfast foods, or any meal, keep it simple. I like to add a dishtowel or linen napkin for extra color and texture. Make sure when you are picking props, the colors compliment your display. You don’t want a bright yellow napkin or extreme print to take away from your egg casserole. Show off your ready-to-eat plate by adding a utensil or two and highlighting the main dish. While these images make the dishes look effortless, they are pleasing to the eye and make you want to put on your apron and start cooking. 

Part 2: Photographing Food with Your iPhone or Smartphone


Dessert images are my favorite to style. These can include festive plates, napkins, place mats, candles, party decorations and confetti. While using various props can be fun, you don’t want to lose the dessert in your shot. Get up close and personal with your dessert and make sure it’s “center stage” in your photos.  You can see here that I paired my Black Bottom cupcake with shades of pink, coral and mint green, pops of gold and a plain white backdrop.  I want you to notice the cupcake first; everything else is secondary.

Part 2: Photographing Food with Your iPhone or Smartphone


Once you have picked out your food accessories/props it’s time start capturing those photos. Join me for part three of this series, where I share my tips for getting just the right look for your food photos with the great angles and proper lighting. 

How to Photograph Food with your iPhone by Pamela SmerkerPamela Smerker is a wife, mom and blogger with a passion for baking, photography and entertaining. She is the creator and author of Fronie Mae Bakes, a food blog dedicated to her late grandmothers, where she shares recipes and entertaining inspiration. Fronie Mae Bakes website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

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