The PRETTY FILM: Bohemian Preset Collection for Lightroom

Pretty Film Bohemian Collection for Lightroom

We are so EXCITED to introduce you to the

Pretty FILM: Bohemian Preset Collection!

Are you interested in emulating the timeless feel of film in your digital photography?  Well look no further... our PRETTY FILM: Bohemian Collection gives you the ability to add rich warm film tones with easy one-click presets.

These Film Lightroom presets are so versatile and easy to use.  Add drama and raw emotion to your photos with moody shadows, subtle cool greens and warm, creamy skin tones that make this style so popular with lifestyle, wedding, portrait, family, fashion and landscape photographers around the world!

Included in your download are 25 Pretty FILM Presets, as well a FREE BONUS PRETTY FILM TOOLKIT - our revolutionary developer's toolkit that you can use to further enhance your images with a film style all your own.  All of the presets in our new PRETTY FILM collections have been designed to enhance your images with soft, subtle color, and carefully protect your subject's skin tones.

These presets are optimized for Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, and the Creative Cloud.


Included In Your PRETTY FILM BOHEMIAN Download:

25 PRETTY FILM Presets: Aura, Batik, Calypso, Cassis, Chai, Dreamcatcher, Dune, Flaxen, Gemini, Gossamer, Gypsy, Henna, Marrakesh, Marrakesh II, Mica, Moonbeam, Moonbeam B&W, Oystershell B&W, Serendipity, Silver Lace B&W, Spirited, Twilight B&W, Viridian, Wildflower, Wanderlust

BONUS PRETTY FILM Toolkit (45 Post Presets): Toning Color Saturate, Toning Color Desaturate, Tone Shadows Neutral, Tone Highlights neutral, Tone Highlights Soft, Tone Highlights Hard, Tone Shadows Hard, Tone Shadows Soft, White Balance Twilight, White Balance Sunrise-Sunset, White Balance Indoor Lamplight 200W, White Balance Indoor Lamplight 100W, WB Indoor Lamplight 40W, White Balance Daylight Sunny, White Balance Daylight Shade (Light), White Balance Daylight Shade (Dark), White Balance Daylight Overcast, White Balance Daylight Neutral, White Balance Daylight Cloudy, White Balance Candlelight, White Balance Auto, White Balance As Shot, Grain X Reset, Reset All, Grain I, Grain II, Grain III, Grain IV, Grain V, Grain VI, Grain VII, Grain VIII, Exposure +0.25, Exposure +0.50, Exposure, +0.75, Exposure +1.00, Exposure -0.25, Exposure -0.50, Exposure -0.75, Exposure -1.00, Contrast +15, Contrast +25, Contrast +40, Contrast -15, Contrast -25, Contrast -40.

Our new PRETTY FILM: Bohemian Collection does not touch your original exposure, WB, or grain settings, in order to give you full control utilizing the accompanying toolkit to create the perfect film edit.  Endless combinations are limited only by your imagination! Enjoy using the newest film presets for Adobe Lightroom today.

Example Edits Using PRETY FILM: BOHEMIAN Presets

Below are a few additional videos demonstrating edits using the Pretty FILM Bohemian presets. We hope you enjoy!

Pretty Film: Bohemian Edit #1


Pretty Film: Bohemian Edit #2


Pretty Film: Bohemian Edit #3


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