Ladies, have you ever gone to your closet to get dressed for a date or a special night out only to stare blankly at every piece of clothing and have nothing appeal to you? Have you ever changed multiple times before finally deciding on an outfit? (Guys, have you ever waited for your lady to go through this process? 

Just like a first date outfit, prom dress or wedding dress, your website makes an impression – and you want it to be a good one! If you’re like me and just starting out, you probably don’t have an unlimited budget to have a website custom-designed, or the skills to build one from scratch yourself. As with most things I post about, my first attempt at creating a website was a blind shot in the dark using the least expensive website template I could find, and the result was less than spectacular. It was a good learning experience, but it wasn’t long before I found myself not even wanting to send people to my website, and started looking for something better. 

{Sound the fanfare} Enter Creative Motion Design. 

I saw the web button ad for Creative Motion Design on Rock the Shot’s website and decided to check it out. I immediately felt like a kid in a candy store. They were running a sale AND offered a free trial, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I picked out a fun template and was on my way. Towards the end of my free trial, I got a PERSONAL EMAIL from Peter at CMD’s sales department asking if I needed help with anything. Customer service AND amazing templates? I was sold! 

Building a Site 

I’m not the world’s smartest person when it comes to computer stuff. DNS and SEO are foreign languages to me, and while I could talk your ear off about tax code and depreciation schedules, I’d rather call my best friend’s husband if I have to deal with my computer. I anticipated some struggles with building my website, but to my pleasant surprise, it was a piece of cake! Their Content Management System is as easy as riding a bike! I spent a FRACTION of the time I had invested before to get this site up and running. 

Easy Customization 

Another feature I love about CMD’s website templates is that in the same way we ladies can tire of a new outfit quickly, committing to one design can be boring. With one click of your mouse, you can change the background on your site to one of the many options they have available, or even upload your own background. You can easily change text colors and tab backgrounds as well.  

Lots of Features 

My old website didn’t even load on mobile devices. Here are just a few of the basic features that come with every CMD website template: 

  • Unlimited Pages and Sub Pages for Photos, Videos and Text. 

  • Contact Page 

  • Splash Page 

  • Design Settings 

  • SEO Settings 

  • Social Toolbar 

  • Multi Track Music Player 

  • Traffic Stats 

  • Background Library 

  • Auto Screen Size Detection 

  • Wordpress Blog 

Customer Service 

In the world of computers, it’s so reassuring to know that REAL PEOPLE will help you if you need it. I had to ask so many dumb questions about transferring my hosting and setting up email when I was getting started, and there was always someone available to help answer my questions. They didn’t tell me to fill out a support ticket and wait a week. Someone just helped me!  

Easy for your Clients to use 

Having a website that is easy to build is great, but having a website that is easy for your clients to navigate is even better! My clients can view their images online, on mobile devices, and pick out images for their packages during ordering sessions or from their home! Friends and family can even order too! There’s no need for a third party ordering site which saves time and money. 

Does this all sound amazing to you too? Creative Motion Design is offering a limited time discount of 20% on all their sites just for our readers using the discount code prettypr20 – but only through the end of October. Hurry and build a site you’ll be proud to show off! 

CMD has also generously offered to give away one free website template to one lucky reader! Enter the giveaway below.  Want to check out the site I built? Visit me at and let me know what you think!

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Shannan Painter is a newbie photographer who has spent the last 5 years working with the left side of her brain helping small businesses organize their accounting and taxes. She decided to take the big step and pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer in 2013 after adding a third boy to her house that was already full of super heroes, trucks, and sports equipment. She and her husband, who is a local TV meteorologist, play pick-up games of basketball in their free time and like to take road trips to Lake Minnetonka with all 3 boys, and their dog Growler.  Visit her on Facebook!