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Retirement Sale: Portrait Brushes for Lightroom 4 and 5

We have extended this offer through the weekend.  Ends Sunday the 3rd of November.

The time has come to retire this set.  We're sad to see it go, but are sending it off with a great sale.  Through Friday you can enjoy the Portrait Brush set for only $7.50.  You can also enjoy this discount if you're looking to combine it with the graduated filters.  Check them both out in our Weekly Specials.

The Portrait Brushes include these 12 Filters + 5 Basic Brushes!  The 5 Basic brushes are Brighten, Darken, Light up Shadows, Simple Sharpen and Super Sharp. These brushes will work on jpeg and RAW images in Lightroom 4 and 5.  This is an instant download.  View them here.

  1. Blush and Eye Shadow: Add a touch of color and darkness to cheeks and eyelids.
  2. Blue Eyes: Enhances the blue in blue eyes, plus adds brightness and sharpens.
  3. Brown Eyes: Enhances the brown in brown eyes, plus adds brightness and sharpens.
  4. Green Eyes: Enhances the green in green eyes, plus adds brightness and sharpens.
  5. Lashes n Liner: Define or darken the eye lashes, around iris or fill in eye brows.
  6. Eyes and Teeth Whiten: Whitens the whites of the eyes and teeth.
  7. Under-eye Circles: Lightens/reduces dark circles under the eyes.
  8. Lip Gloss: Enhances lips by adding a touch of color, darkening and smoothing.
  9. Red Cast Remedy: Helps reduce redness on cheeks, ears, neck or other areas.
  10. Cool Skin: Made to slightly cool the skin (use on skin that is too warm).
  11. Warm Skin: Made to slightly warm the skin (use on skin that is too cool).
  12. Smooth Skin: Smooth skin on face and neck.
  13. Plus: Brighten, Darken, Light up Shadows, Simple Sharpen and Super Sharp

Some great examples of how easy it is to improve skin tones, soften skin and so much more!  This set includes everything you need to help with skin, eyes and teeth whitening. 

 Check out this great video on how our brushes can be used.  VIEW OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS.

Special thanks to A Piece of Lisa for this beautiful baby example, Spanki Mills for the senior example and Brooke Logue for the sweet children examples.

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