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Free Posing Guide: Posing Tips for Families

Free Posing Guide: Posing Tips for Families | Lightroom Presets

Posing Tips for Families

When you have the honor of capturing a family photo (and I whole-heartedly feel it is an honor) it is critical that you remember one word—connection.  This group of people is connected by love and by blood.  Your photo should capture their connection to one another as much as possible.

This is super easy for families with small kids.  They naturally hold their children close and hug, snuggle, and tickle.  Families with older children have moved away from this a little, but they still share a deep connection.  Sometimes I’ll have a daughter put her arm through her mom’s or hold hands with a younger sibling.  Boys can put their arms on each other’s shoulders or just stand close together.  Sometimes asking them to do something silly or making them laugh will show connection as well.  I have had families that just aren’t comfortable with a lot of touching or silliness and that is just fine, too.  

I hope today’s Posing Tips help you enjoy photographing lasting family relationships!

Happy Photographing!

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Free Posing Guide: Posing Tips for Families | Lightroom Presets


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