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Pretty Presets Tutorial - Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Collection

So, I've sat down to write out a tutorial extolling the awesomeness of the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Collection about half a dozen times. My youngest peed on the floor, my oldest locked himself out of the bathroom and the diva in-between randomly starts screaming at seemingly nothing. There's also laundry to wash, dinner to cook, homework to supervise… That's my blessed life. 

Then it occurred to me that while not very professional of me perhaps to share such details with you, those details are the exact reason I love tools like the Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow Collection! I love them because they allow me to create the images I see in my head and still have time to watch an epic Bey Blade battle between my boys and braid Barbie hair for my girl.

The simple, stackable (think Photoshop layers) presets in this new set allow you to create everything from the perfect clean edit (my personal fave) to a gorgeous vintage look and feel in under a minute. Literally.

Here's a little demonstration.


This is my straight out of camera shot. It's cute, right? But if you've read my previous tutorial using the brush and graduated filters set, then you know I'm a light junkie. I always bump up the exposure. I used the Center Light preset to brighten things up.

Next, I wanted to warm things up a bit. This shot was taken in the morning just before the sun peeked its way over the rooftops and the tones were a little cool for my taste.

I love the softness that comes from adjusting the tone curve in Lightroom to create a matte look - but I don't love the time it can sometimes take for me to play with it and get it just right. Oh, but here it was just one click with the Retro Matte preset.


I also love bright vivid colors so I wanted to punch them up a bit. I used the Add Blue and Green Pop to really make the colors stand out.

I'm really liking the progress so far but the image is just a bit too warm for me. I don't want to have skipped the Bananas preset because I did want some warmth, but by layering the Add Cool Tones preset on top of it, I'm able to cool it down just a touch while still maintaining a warmer tone.

I finished this image off with Sharpening Females or Babies and loved how it sharpened things up without adding lots of grain. It really maintains a nice smooth look.

That's it! Super easy to use and beautiful results! I'm a busy mama, a business owner, an Army wife and I like to eat my food hot if at all possible so while I enjoy editing, I just can't sit at the computer for hours. Ain't nobody got time for that! I told you it took me less than a minute but just in case you don't believe me, I timed myself. :) 



Lea Hartman is a family lifestyle photographer, a proud army wife and the busy mother of three. While she dreams of vacationing in exotic places and taking tropical cruises, all she really wants is to sleep in! You can get to know Lea better by following along via her website, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram (@leahartman).

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