Lightroom 5 Healing and Cloning Tool Updates

Most Lightroom users are already familiar with this tool that has been part of Lightroom since Lightroom 2.  But this tool got some much needed updating with the release of Lightroom 5. Here is a breakdown of the changes that will help you get better results.

Better Results

First of all, there is just better “stuff” going on behind the scenes.  So, without doing anything different, your results are going to be better from the start.

Bye-Bye Circles

Lightroom 5 Healing and Cloning Tool Updates

With the new updates, you are no longer constrained to the circle shape for healing and cloning. You can now brush over any shape that you’d like to clone or heal.  This is a huge upgrade as trying to clone/heal anything large or square with the circle shape just didn’t work very well.

Changing the Source Area

If you don’t like the source area that Lightroom chooses for you, now you just need to tap the “/” key and Lightroom will try out a new source area for you.  This is super handy.  And, yes, you can still choose your source spot manually, if needed.

Deleting Options

Lightroom 5 Healing and Cloning Tool Updates

As always, you can just tap the delete key to delete a Clone or Healing pin in Lightroom 5.  However, you now have new options for deleting many pins at once. This comes in very handy if you find yourself working on baby acne or anywhere you have many spots in a small space and want to start over on the work you’ve done.  

I access this new feature, just hold down the option/alt key while using the Spot Removal tool and your cursor will turn into a pair of scissors.  Just click once on the spots you want delete and they will disappear.  You can also drag a rectangle while holding the option/alt key and everything within the rectangle you draw will disappear.

Visualize Spots

Lightroom 5 Healing and Cloning Tool Updates

This cool new feature of the Spot Removal tool is found in the Tool Options below your photo.  Just check the “Visualize Spots” box and your photo will become inverted and black and white so that it is easier to see the small spots that you sometimes miss with your eye.  You can adjust the tool’s sensitivity with the slider.  

When you are done fixing the spots you found, just un-check the “Visualize Spots” box and you are back to normal.

Take advantage of these great new Spot Removal updates in Lightroom 5 that will now allow you to do more of your cloning and healing right in Lightroom.

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