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Challenge: Give the Kids the Camera


I thought it might be fun to get the kids the old school, disposable cameras.  I gave them just one rule, "each picture must be of something different". That way we didn't have half of them of the sky, the dogs, the moon, etc. Within the first few minutes these are the questions I was asked:

  • "How do you turn it off?"
  • "Where is the power button?"
  • "Why can't I see the picture on the back?"
  • "Does the middle part come out?"  (Thinking of a lens) 
  • "How do I go back and delete?"
  • "Why will they throw away my camera?"

I enjoyed our adventure today and thought you may enjoy doing the same with your children.  Maybe you've done it before and would like to share about your experience.  Please share below or on our facebook page, if you have some fun tips. 

We purchased basic Kodak MAX cameras at a local store.  It is $11 for two of them and about the same price to print them.  One tip we discovered was to place a sticker on each camera, if you have more than one child.  That way they didn't mix up their cameras!  

These are all images the kids took pictures of.  I went beside them and took the same pictures so I could share them with you.  We had a blast and hope you do, too!

All of the images were edited with the new Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow.  



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