Editing Newborns in Lightroom using Pretty PresetsI am so excited to have Lisa from "A Piece of Lisa Photography" on the blog today!  If you are not following her already, be sure to follow her today.  She is such a talented woman who loves to encourage others through her work and her page. I'm excited to be able to feature her today and share how she uses Pretty Presets to edit. Thank you, Lisa.  Laura

Shooting newborns has been a passion of mine since I had one of my own just over two years ago, and the more I work with them, the more I fall in love.  Any newborn photographer out there knows that working with these sweet little bundles is a job that requires not only a lot of time, but an incredible amount of patience, experience, a safe atmosphere, and pure passion. They also know that photographing the infant is just the beginning, and that when it comes time to editing these images, tiny natural imperfections sometimes mean a bit of extra work. 

Editing Newborns in Lightroom using Pretty Presets

I personally like to do clean edits with my newborns, and ensure that the parents receive images that are sharp, colorful, and exciting, without changing the natural state of the image.This is where Pretty Presets come in. I use several of the brushes to fix many different  things, from purple feet, to jaundice, to stork bites, and these fixes allow me to give my clients photos that are brighter, cleaner, and still natural. 

The brushes I use on a regular basis: 

Editing Newborns in Lightroom using Pretty Presets

These brushes are also very useful when I do composite photos (the babies in the dew drops). Sometimes, when blending pictures together, they don't always seem to mesh, and some end up looking very transposed. Using brushes like Depth and Drama, Edgy and Bright, and Subtle Soft Skin really help to blend and give the image a more natural feel.

Editing Newborns in Lightroom using Pretty Presets

Every day I am learning something new, and always on the lookout for a creative challenge, and these brushes help me to achieve the picture in my mind, all without making the newborns look plastic.

Editing Newborns in Lightroom using Pretty Presets

First and foremost, keeping the newborn safe is always #1!!! There should ALWAYS be a spotter! NO picture is worth risking a babies safety. There will be times that you have to do composites, and there will be times when the edits will be hard, but there are always ways around, and I found some of mine here at Pretty Presets!


Lisa B... A Piece of Lisa Photography

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