We're so excited to show you the Workflow Preset Collection for Lightroom 3, 4, 5, 6 and CC!  Create your own clean and polished look in with the the fun Pretty Presets Workflow Set.  Create your own clean edit in a matter of seconds!  There are 20+ presets included in this download. These presets will work on both raw and jpeg images.

Some of the lightroom presets included are: Clarity Males and Still Life, Clarity Soften, Color Casts Fix Reds, Color Casts Fix Reds Strong, Color Casts Fix Yellow, Color Enhance Blues, Color Pop, Contrast boost, Exposure Brighten, Exposure Darken, Exposure Recover Clipping, Lighten Shadows, Noise Reduction High, Noise Reduction Low, Sharpen Portrait, Sharpen Still Life, Vignette Low, Vignette Strong, WB Cool, WB Warm and Reset.