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Top 5 Most Downloaded Lightroom Preset Collections of 2015

Top 5 Most Downloaded Pretty Preset Collections of 2015

One of the most common questions we get in the Pretty Presets Facebook Group is regarding everyone's favorite presets.  Of course, there are many varied responses—everyone has their different styles and personal favorites.  Today, we wanted to share with you a list of the most favorite preset collection based on purchases in 2015.

Favorite Presets of 2015

Summer Limited Edition Presets for Lightroom

1. Summer Limited Edition Collection

This set was released just this past summer and was a HUGE favorite. This collection is perfect for bringing out soft and sunny summer colors, rich jewel tones, and 2 luscious black & white presets.  This collection is perfect for any style of natural light portrait photography.  Some of the favorite presets in this collection include Milk & Honey, Boho Chic, and Pretty Onyx.

The Sugar and Spice Preset Collection for Lightroom

2. Sugar and Spice Collection

With this set being released only a few short months ago, we thought it had no chance of making the top 5 and yet here it is coming in at #2! This set adds beautiful jewel-tones and rich warm colors to your images. Created to really emphasize the fall colors, this collection infuses images with soft, sunny light and deep, dramatic color. This is one of our few sets that includes a set of brushes.  These were created to help tame the rich colors from falling on skin tones and to further emphasize color in your images. Some of the favorite presets in this collection include Juniper, Harvest Moon, and Wild Harvest.

The Luminous Collection for Lightroom

3. The Luminous Collection

Released this last Spring, this collection is the perfect way to add or emphasize gorgeous light in photos! This set gives you complete control over the placement of the light in images and allows you to customize the look to your image.  This set WILL NOT work at all in Lightroom 4 which now gives you the perfect excuse to finally upgrade your Lightroom! Some of the favorite presets in this collection include: Luminous, Golden Glow, and Creamy Sunflare (Left and Right).

 Clean and Creative Favorite Collection at Pretty Presets

4. Clean and Creative Advanced Workflow

This collection has remained one of our top sellers over the last several years.  Created to allow users the ability to layer presets together to create a customized look, it offers the ultimate in customizability! This collection is perfect for any style of photography—indoors, outdoors, weddings, babies, or seniors!  All will find it an invaluable tool in their editing! I honestly don't know what I would do without it! Favorite Presets in this Collection: A Quick Clean, Center Light, Add Pink Tone.

Color Luxe top 5 Lightroom Collections at Pretty Presets

5. Color Luxe Workflow

Another favorite of our workflow sets, this set was created to really emphasize and enhance color in your images.  One of the only sets to come with it's own set of brushes to help with this, it offers an incredible value.  This set includes layer able presets as well as some gorgeous All-in-One presets that are huge favorites of our community.  Some of the favorite presets in this collection are:  Freesia, Clean Base, and Hazy Base.

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