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75% Off Complete Collection for Lightroom 3 + BONUSES!!


This is the ONE and ONLY time we'll be offering our COMPLETE COLLECTION for LIGHTROOM 3 at this UNBELIEVABLE price!  View more about this deal here.

We're retiring our Complete Collections for Lightroom 3, so we are offering a once in a lifetime chance to get our Complete Collection for Lightroom 3 PLUS all our Brush Collections for one LOW price!!  You'll also get TWO AMAZING BONUSES!  

  • BONUS #1:  We've included our Lightroom Workshop for Beginners!!  This is a 2-hour recorded webinar on how to use Lightroom 3; plus, it also comes with a study-along guide - 20 page pdf {$55 Value}.  
  • BONUS #2: You will also receive our popular Blur Collection that is only offered as a limited edition BONUS {$24 Value}!  
Here's what's included in the RAW Complete Collection for LIGHTROOM 3:
  • Dreamy Baby Collection
  • Modern Vinage Collection
  • Nostalgic Summer Collection
  • Old Hollywood in Technicolor Collection
  • Old Hollywood in Black and White Collection
  • The Workflow Set
  • and our BONUS Blur Collection!!

Download instructions are available immediately after purchase in your "My Stuff" tab on Photo Deal Cafe (click on the "Print" link to view).  View this deal on Photo Deal Cafe here.

Here's what's included in the JPEG Complete Collection for LIGHTROOM 3:

  • Back to the Basics Collection
  • Bold and Beautiful Collection
  • Fairytale Romance Collection
  • Fall In Love Collection
  • Luminous Collection
  • Portrait Collection
  • Soft Skin Collection
  • Sweet Summer Collction
  • and our BONUS Blur Collection!!

We've also included all THREE sets of our Lightroom Brushes and Graduated Filters:

  • Portrait Brushes
  • Newborn Brushes
  • Custom Brushes 

Here are just a few of the brushes you'll receive:

  • Baby Feet: use on areas that are red or purplish, like baby feet. Will help change the color to more skin-like.
  • Blue Eyes: use on blue eyes, to make them a bit more blue. Will brighten and sharpen also. 
  • Brighten Faces: use to brighten faces. Brightens without making washed out or losing contrast.
  • Brown Eyes: use on brown eyes to make them lighter and warmer. Will sharpen also.
  • Cool it Down: use on faces that are a bit too warm. Slightly cools.
  • Desaturate: helpful when reducing areas that are too heavy with color.
  • Fix Clipping: use on areas that are still clipped after using Recovery slider in Basics pan-el. Make sure to only brush on the clipped area, not on area around it.
  • Fix Yellow Casts: use on areas that are too yellow.
  • Green Eyes: use on green eyes to enhance the green color and sharpen.
  • Paint on Color: use to enhance color of clothes or other objects in picture.
  • Warm-up Areas: use on areas that are still a touch cool, just to add a little bit of warmth.
  • Brighten: use for general brightness. Can be used as a gradated filter or a brush
  • Darken: really darkens. Can be used as a graduated filter or a brush.
  • and much, much MORE...

“Laura, Just wanted to let you know that the presets are wonderful!!!!!! They really help give shots that extra something! I love ‘em! Thank you so much! You did a great job. I can’t wait for your indoor set to come out!” -Tara

"I’m really new to lightroom and wasn’t sure I was going to like it………… until NOW!!!! I am soooo in love with these! Thanks so much! Can’t wait until the indoor version comes out!”Joie

“Thank You, I am learning/playing with LR and have been looking for presets. Yours are beautiful. I found them easy to download and import with your instructions. Thanks again!” Michelle

“You won’t regret this purchase. These are the best brown and black and white I’ve seen around. I’ve tried many!”Tamee

“If anyone’s contemplating buying her presets…don’t! They are SO WORTH IT!”Joy

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! I bought them this morning and have been playing in LR every spare moment I’ve had My daughter is now down for a nap and I’m so torn between playing in LR and cleaning the house!! They are AWESOME!”Rachel

“Laura… I just had to email you and say THANK you, this will save me so much time and I absolutely LOVE how my photos are turning out (and I know my clients will too!). I am so glad I found your presets. Amazing and thank you!” Renee

“I am SO in love with your presets! You do an amazing job!! I just finished up editing a senior session that I did using your edits and I can’t stop looking at them! Your presets took the pictures to the next level! Thank you!”Katie

“OMGOODNESSSSSS!!!! I LOVE these! WOW! Can you tell how excited I am?!?!?”Erin

“Loving the new collection! Your presets are magical! My editing time has been cut by at least 50%. Thank you Laura!”Catherine 

"Pretty Presets are unique, clean, and full of character. I literally LOVE every single one of these. I love the warmth and definition it adds to my photos!” Nicole Dina

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