15 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Want to make your own watermark? Learn how to here

2. Why is their noise in my picture?  I want more clarity. Find out how here

3. Teach me more about Lighting.  We'd love to! Read more here

4. What are Shutter Speed and Aperture?  Learn more by clicking here

5. How can I use my Lightroom 3 presets in Lightroom 4?  Click here to read more

6. What are some suggestions you have for affordable ways to advertise? Click here to read more

7. How can I start to build my client base?  Read some suggestions here 

8. How do I read the Histogram in Lightroom? Learn how to read it here

9. How can I make a great first impression?  Read more here

10. Want some great tips to running a successful business? Read more here

11. What is the difference between RAW and JPEG files? Watch a short video here

12. How can I customize my presets? Watch a short video here

13. Lightroom VS Photoshop?  Still not sure? What is the difference? Read more here

14. How do I use Brushes in Lightroom?  Read more here

15. How do I use Graduated Filters in Lightroom?  Read more here


Need help with installing presets?  
Need help with installing brushes?

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