Free Lightroom Presets

The Best, Free Lightroom Presets 

Lightroom Presets help save you time and create an easy shortcut for editing in Lightroom. Download our free Lightroom Presets and artfully enhance the moments you capture on film with these sharpening presets. These 7 free lightroom presets are available now- awaiting your click!  They are perfect for uploading to facebook, adding before exporting from lightroom for client images or perfect for print.

Be sure to join our private community where we offer help any of your Lightroom needs. You can find out how to install presets if you need help here. We also have a page setup full of free Lightroom trainings available to encourage you as you grow.

Looking for creative presets?  Don't miss out on our best selling presets!

Download 7 Free Lightroom Presets Here

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Free Lightroom Presets

Favorite Most Downloaded Lightroom Presets